Embracing the Feminine in All

heal the Feminine within with spiritual counseling & coachingAs we are moving into a higher dimension, a lot of questions arise as to how this process is manifesting and how we can all respond and help with what many call the ascension. It is important to understand that we are shifting into 5th dimension, and to do so from we’re are at, we must first go through the 4th dimension, which can bring much confusion into our reality, as we witness the transformation of what many perceive as “modern evils,” as well as the way things have been for thousands of years—the predominantly unbalanced masculine status quo.

When I say masculine or feminine here I am not referring just to the gender differences between men and women, but to the feminine and masculine qualities in each of us, where the polarization really starts. The power of the feminine has been suppressed for thousands of years in the psyche, resulting in the oppression of women in the external world, and of the feminine qualities in all of us. It is time for both men and women to reintegrate those polarities.

Of course, this is not happening without resistance on both individual and global levels, but no matter how much resistance we may witness in the world, and how hard those attached to the old predominantly male structures may try to remain in control (by instilling fear and anger in every possible way through the mass media), the truth is that there is no way back.

Transitioning Through Fourth Dimension

The 4th dimension is the dimension we’d experience when leaving the physical body behind, either consciously or literally, so up until now we were able to access it mainly when/if we had out-of-body experiences or when we’d die. Perceiving angels, ghosts, and spirits in this dimension was considered an extraordinary or psychic ability. It is the astral zone.

Needless to say, those who can access higher states of consciousness can also get to this and other dimensions without dropping the body (in a temporary or permanent meditative state). As we move through this dimension now, many people are experiencing a spiritual awakening and discovering, or rather remembering, psychic or healing abilities.

In many ways, the 4th dimension is a transitional dimension, but if we are to remain in the physical body, then our experience of it will be a bit different than, say, when we’ve transitioned through incarnations. In this case, it’s a little bit like 3rd and 4th merge into one dimension, as if we were to place a tight balloon (4th) around physical reality (3rd), blending them to create a new perception of things. We still experience reality through physical matter, but the perception is deeper and more “enlightened,” if you will.

In 4th dimension, we realize that we are more than just the physical body and our physical reality. We still see the chaos in the world, but there is also a sense that everything is going to be ok. However, we must not forget that 4th dimension is not the aim, and that it can still be an easy trap for the ego-mind. After all, it’s the astral zone where spirits can get caught and become what we call “ghosts.”

The ego can utilize these newly found abilities to feed a sense of spiritual arrogance and separateness, which is counter productive and simply makes your journey harder. All the psychic abilities you may remember or acquire now are nothing compared to the reality you can experience when you keep moving forward, toward higher states of consciousness and self-knowledge.

Yet the most important aspect of this transition, in my opinion, is that it opens up the gates for more feminine energies to come through and be integrated into our perception and creation of reality. It’s exactly what the world needs to regain balance: a protective shield for our physical bodies to shift their vibrational patterns without being overloaded with information, yet allowing the mind to access the intuitive feminine power of the subconscious to transform the world.

Flowing In Acceptance, Trust and Faith

Sensing that everything is going to be ok is a feminine aspect of surrendering, accepting, and trusting what life brings your way. As you relinquish resistance and control, and open up to what you may encounter along your journey, no matter how difficult it may seem at times, you are actually honoring the experience that you ultimately set up for yourself before taking physical form.

You may feel afraid that what you have considered the basis of your security and safety—success, money, social status, rationality, marriage, career, law and order—is being pulled from under you, and of course, the more attached you have become to these masculine structures and belief patterns, the harder it will be to let go of them.

But if you open up to the experience, express the natural grief of letting go, and observe from your heart’s perspective what you are receiving in return, you will discover within a greater sense of trust, faith, and certainty that everything is unfolding as it is supposed to, and that no matter what, the Universe will take care of you through Mother Earth.

Embracing the Feminine means dissolving the sense of competition, of lack, of hierarchical power, of struggle and control that arise from fear, to instead focus on the intuitive, receptive, and perceptive side of yourself that brings forth love and trust, in the knowing that Divine Consciousness flows through and around you to experience the world.

So nurture yourself, take good care of your body-mind continuum, and go with the flow to become an open vessel for the experience. Accept openly and eagerly the transition through 4th dimension as an opportunity to reconnect with the feminine aspects that have been suppressed within, and enjoy the new sense of self that emerges as your own resistance dissolves—it’s your rebirth.

May the Spring Solstice bring you much light and awareness to ease this transformational process! Contact me if you need help with your transition and as usual, feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your experiences with this!

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