Birthing Your True Self

experience a rebirth with spiritual counseling & coachingWe are almost half way through this important year, and most of us are still feeling the intense energies that are helping the planet shift into a new dimensional portal.

This month comes with a very special Venus transit across the Sun on June 5-6, right after a Lunar Eclipse. From my perspective, this means that strong feminine energies are beginning to really make themselves evident on the planet in order to restore balance and give birth to a new humanity.

I’ve mentioned before that I was once shown how we came to be in a “prison-planet,” which now makes total sense to me, and that the prison-state has been maintained by a global disconnection from other planets and galaxies (see Time to Reconnect With Our True Nature).

One of the consequences of this was also a disconnection from the Lunar and other feminine energies that relate to the intuitive, unconscious aspect of ourselves, some of which we have come to consider our shadow, along with the necessary DNA blockages needed to maintain the disconnection. This is why we are only conscious of about 10% of our mental field.

It is through our intuition and inner voice that we connect to everything and everyone, and also realize who we really are—our true divine Self. So in order to maintain the global disconnection, those aspects needed to remain blocked, and are just awakening now on a global scale. The same is true for our original, ancient DNA and many other aspects of life on Earth. But I won’t go into details about this now.

It is easy to see in the world this disconnection from the feminine. There has been an increasingly masculine perception and approach to life over thousands of years: violence, greed, intolerance, and the need to control are consequences of an imbalanced, distorted take on life itself—one that is missing its feminine side of love, connection, abundance, freedom, intuition, and flow. Of course, Mother Earth has suffered enough and is about to restore balance in her own way as well.

What is happening is that those two polarities are trying to find a middle ground to become integrated, so as to bring forth the next step in human evolution—or, as I see it, to get out of prison. This is not easy, especially because most of humanity has been trapped in the illusion of material reality and has come to believe that there is nothing beyond that. We have been so distracted with material/physical survival, gratification, and success, that we have neglected our most precious wealth—that of our soul purpose on this planet.

Birthing Pains in the Emergence of Light

A lot of us are feeling like we are going through hell right now, either emotionally, physically, or financially (or any combination), while at the same time we have this inner knowing that everything will be ok as long as we keep moving on. Somehow, deep within, we just know that this is what is meant to happen, even if we may feel like we’re going down the spiral of despair, or find ourselves in a panic state, or dealing with serious health or emotional challenges, or even thinking about checking out.

You have to view this as a birthing process. You are giving birth to your true Self, and giving birth is never accomplished without some kind of struggle, even if just the letting go of a cocoon to emerge as a butterfly. Yet this is what will allow you to leave behind what no longer serves the true You. In truth, the more you try to control or hold on to what needs to be released, the more chaotic and painful your life becomes. In a way, life is squeezing your emotional baggage out, whether you like it or not.

So don’t look for a quick fix if you have emotional or physical issues. Life is not going to let go until you look at the real cause of those issues. Understand what your reality is reflecting, because it is a mirror of how you truly feel inside, even if you have been trying to hide it from yourself or others. Embrace your shadow: parts of it are blocking who you are, but other aspects are your true Self.

And cry like a kid if and when you need to; it’s good for you! Shedding tears cleanses the soul, as long as you don’t allow the ego-mind to place yourself in a victim role and dwell on the pain. Allow the release to bring clarity and renewed strength, using your tears to let go of your ego-mind instead.

At the same time that we are going through some really tough moments, there is also a bright sense of love and hope that is emerging with this birthing experience. The Venus transit will inspire a new level of intuitive awareness. It will create a wonderful opportunity to connect to your heart’s desires. If you open and align yourself energetically, using this transit as a portal, you can create a shift for yourself and the planet.

Hold to Your Vision and Trust the Process

Since this is a pivotal year in the history of humanity, there will still be more challenges ahead, and it is crucial to harness the energy of June to set a clear intention and purpose as to what, who, where, and how you want to be. Allow this recognition to be your anchor, so that you choose love and light as opposed to fear and chaos when new challenges arrive.

Be clear with your purpose and focus your energy on what brings you joy and peace. Let go of all resentment, grudges, and judgments. It’s time to forgive, lighten up, and accept any challenge with the spirit of a peaceful warrior. Instead of allowing fear or panic in your heart, face each one with curiosity and the attitude of “Bring it on!” because each challenge is here to show you what you need to shed in order to move to the next phase of your life and of this planetary experiment. Don’t worry, there is much light at the end of the tunnel, so keep looking forward to your rebirth.

I’d go as far as suggesting that you have a Pollyanna’s attitude and find something to be glad and grateful about every moment of the day, no matter how difficult that may seem at times, especially in June, July, and September of this year. Gratitude is being in a state of grace. Consciously place yourself above all difficulties through your decision and ability to be grateful.

Be appreciative. The word “appreciate” means not only to be thankful, but also to raise or increase in value. When you appreciate what you have, you become bigger in value yourself, not only because valuing the abundance you already have opens you up to more, but also because it brings a sense of contentment and peace that is expansive and connects you to the Infinite Consciousness Continuum that you are an extension of.

So as your inner value (your sense of Self) increases, so does your abundance—spiritual, emotional, and material. They go together: one is the reflection of the other. And this Venus transit will also give you the opportunity to clarify what it is that you value and what it is that no longer serves you and needs to go, both internally and externally.

So remember:

  • Clarify what, who, where, and how you want to be
  • Have a “Bring it on!” attitude instead of fear
  • Act like a peaceful warrior when you face a challenge
  • Let go of all control and flow with life
  • Choose love, light and gratitude
  • Appreciate all the abundance within and without you

Hang on tight, the best is yet to come! Contact me now if you would like some help discovering your blind spots, to be able to rise up to a higher reality!

And as always, I’d love to hear your comments and experiences with this.

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