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The Indigo Journals Book Trailer

Kindle and Nook and iTunes, Oh My!

I grew up surrounded by books, so to me there’s nothing like holding a book in my hands while I’m reading, but in this highly technological age it’s important to have books in various digital formats. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately: formatting the book for Kindle, Nook and iTunes (or iBooks). Whew! So many details… Anyway, the Kindle…

Songs of Light and Dark by Yol Swan

Do You Like Spiritual Poetry?

I am super excited to share my new poetry book with you! I’ve been writing poetry on and off for years and have watched it go from highly existential to non-dualistic, oftentimes with a bit of an edge. From the back cover: Songs of Light and Dark: Poetic Meditations on the Self and Random Haikus is an intimate exploration of…