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fall in love with life with spiritual counseling & coachingHave you noticed how young children are fascinated by the world and want to explore, experience, and enjoy everything around them? They expect total freedom, reject boundaries, and are driven by their curiosity and strong desires. They are also motivated by the absolute love and trust they feel for their parents and caretakers. They are in love with life.

It is no coincidence that children feel and behave like this when they are young—that is, before they are swayed and conditioned with rules and expectations imposed by the adults around them and by their own tendencies from past life experiences. It is no coincidence because that is the nature of Divine Consciousness: infinite freedom, expanding growth, and absolute joy.

When we are kids, we are taught and more or less molded to behave like little adults. No matter how lenient or authoritarian, our parents expect us to do things and respond in ways that match their belief systems, resonate with their mental patterns, and—let’s be honest—satisfy their attachments and ego-mind. In other words, they want us to fulfill their desires, not ours. Teachers, classmates, friends, and partners also want us to respond according to their needs, beliefs, and expectations.

If we don’t abide by what others want, we may be labeled difficult, selfish, unreasonable, opinionated, rebellious, stupid, ADD, and so on, and feel alienated or unworthy. Slowly but surely, as a result of our own tendencies within this conditioning, we shape an image of ourselves that we believe helps us “fit” in the world; so we adopt a certain persona, become attached to it, and forget who we really are and how we really feel.

We start repeating the mental patterns of others, absorbing the thoughts and ideas of “authorities,” and resonating with the world around us at a very young age. Then we continue doing it in all realms of our experience: family, school, work, marriage, parenting, social life, etc. Yet what we had as kids—the desire for freedom, inner growth, and joy—is still there, because it is our true nature. Consciousness always wants to become aware of itself.

You may be confused and believe that you will fulfill that inner yearning by accumulating material things; or you may think that trying to control life and others makes you freer. You may mistake love for lust, or trade your self-worth for a relationship. You may choose addictions as replacements for affection, or dwell in your resentment in the name of fairness and justice.

And you can go on like this, blaming everything and everyone for the suffering and emptiness you experience, or the things that don’t seem to go your way. Or you can stop and look within to get back in touch with your feelings and desires, and remember who you really are and what you want from life, regardless of what others think or say or do. In this process of self-discovery—or rather, self-rediscovery—you may realize that absolutely everything has a purpose to help you understand who you are and distinguish what you want from what you don’t; that you created all aspects of your reality with your beliefs and actions; and that nothing is set in stone because you are free to be as you see fit, start anew, and create the life you want right here, right now. It is a matter of inner change and mental focus.

Only you know how you feel at any given time. Only you know what you want from life. Only you have control over your thoughts and beliefs. You create what you focus on, so you are solely responsible for what you have attracted into your experience; nobody else put it there. When you consciously align desires, thoughts, and feelings, they become your new reality. If you choose joy as your goal and positive emotions as your compass, everything else falls into place and you can follow your bliss.

You came to this world to experience and give what makes you perfectly and unpredictably yourself. Realize that life is a creative game, not a problem or a burden. Stop focusing on inherited or outdated beliefs and start having real fun, fulfilling your desires, enjoying your self-growth, and experiencing true freedom from within. Be like a young, innocent child, trust that you are a powerful soul, and fall in love with life again.

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