Are You a Leader or a Follower?

develop feminine leadership with intuitive spiritual counselingWere you confused about your place in the world when you were younger? I certainly was. My temperament didn’t allow me to blindly follow others or believe something was true just because those around me said it was. I wanted to belong, but I also needed to trust myself and understand the motivations behind my choices. Even as a teenager the drive to march to the beat of my own drum was much stronger than any ‘peer pressure.’

One could say that not being a follower made me a leader, but weren’t leaders supposed to be outgoing and charismatic and have clear goals? I didn’t have a clue as to what my long term goals were or where I was headed! I desired to lead my own life, but my emotional wounds kept me trapped in layers of codependency.

I worked for years with a counselor who helped me uncover my emotional terrain and then found true spiritual teachers who revealed the road map to the Higher Self. I was eager to follow those who had experienced the inner freedom and peace I was yearning for. They guided me toward a more conscious self-perception, and by integrating their teachings I eventually discovered that I indeed was a leader.

No, I wasn’t meant to rally up the masses to fight for a great cause or against a common enemy.

I was an introverted free spirit, usually swimming against the mainstream, who didn’t fit the typical traits of leadership, except perhaps for my creative, positive, and self-motivated nature. It took me years of self-exploration to realize that I was being shown a completely different way to comprehend life and lead my own energy toward a deep transformation of the world. I think this may be your path as well, especially if you are a feminine soul—one that doesn’t fit in this excessively masculine world.

The Spiritual Revolution of the Divine Feminine

The transformation I’m talking about is a spiritual revolution that requires a different kind of ‘leadership’ from what we’ve known in the past. This is a brand new process, so you won’t find any models or road maps to follow. It’s no longer about who’s above and who’s below, or who’s right and who’s wrong. Those ego-based categories are dissolving, along with the overly masculine structures we’ve relied on for centuries.

It’s not about fighting what’s not working either—in ourselves, others, and the planet. Fighting has resulted in all the suffering we experience and witness in the world. It’s really about embodying our inner vision and walking our talk. Accomplishing this means taking spiritual responsibility for all you think, feel, and do, and understanding that your inherent creative power shapes everything—the things you love as well as those you fear and complain about.

This silent revolution can only happen from within. It’s a mental and emotional shift that will restore the Divine Feminine on Earth, so it doesn’t follow the typical process of social change. On the outside things may look the same or worse, but they are quietly changing because an electromagnetic wave of awareness is slowly taking over the world. What is stalling this process is our collective and individual resistance to change. The ego-mind is not quick to surrender because it wants to remain ‘the doer,’ but there is no stopping this process. The more you resist, the more you’ll suffer.

A feminine type of leader doesn’t need to convince others to follow any agenda. Being at the top—being ‘right,’ having ‘the last word,’ and overtly or secretly imposing your will—is positioning yourself in a very lonely place that separates you from the rest of your peers. It arises from a wounded place—a distorted sense of self and otherness—that keeps you trapped in the pain of past experiences and colors your current perception of things.

A New Leadership From Within

This feminine type of leader is flexible and open, because she or he knows that everyone else is awakening to their inherent leadership potential as well: the power to become masters of our own mind, to transform both our personal and collective reality. We are fiercely independent but also know that in the life of spirit we’re all beginners, continuously learning and expanding, and must be willing to follow those who know more than we do.

Mental flexibility and emotional freedom are fundamental traits of those of us wanting to lead the spiritual revolution we’re slowly going through. Whether we go out in the world to serve other people or remain in a cave meditating for humanity, our power lies in the humble recognition that we are vessels of consciousness connected to everyone and everything—that no matter how small, every thought, feeling, and action affects the whole.

Our purpose is to remove the resistance (disguised as fear, guilt, judgment, resentment, and so on) that blocks the spiritual forces paving humanity’s new cycle, and hold on to a higher vision of the world. We are here to focus on the internal shift that will bring long lasting change: to uncover the feminine power that creates everything on the physical plane.

Are you ready to become the leader and master of your life? Contact me now to start removing the barriers you’ve unwillingly created that disconnect you from your soul, and the resistance you keep accumulating when you allow your wounded ego to be in charge of your mind. Isn’t it time to muster the courage to co-create something completely different?

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