3 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Empowering

develop gratitude with intuitive spiritual counselingThe mass media is continuously bombarding us with fearful news and sad stories or superficial gossip about celebrities. They may claim it’s about keeping us informed of what goes on in the world, but the truth is that one of the main motivations here is to fixate our attention on externals and manipulate us toward unconscious reactions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should remain ignorant about the world, but you must be aware of the information you receive and how you process it while letting it in, to make sure you’re making conscious choices instead of getting triggered and unwillingly pushed into a ‘pack mentality’ or a powerlessness- or victimhood-type mode.

If our mental and emotional energies are invested in what’s wrong or painful, or what others have that’s missing in our life, it’s easy to unconsciously give our power away and behave according to other people’s expectations. Negative or superficial news stir up emotions you’ve absorbed from the environment that keep you from growing, either personally, professionally, or spiritually.

Yes, there are energy vampires out there sucking up your energetic blood for their self-interests: to take your creative power to feed and maintain theirs. These are some of the overly masculine (martial) souls I describe in The Indigo Journals that have had control of the world for thousands of years. How? By mastering the workings of the human mind to manipulate the masses through fear and guilt. Fear creates insecurity and anger while guilt turns into shame, self-judgment, and self-sabotage.

As long as they reinforce the beliefs that the world is unsafe and unfair and we’re vulnerable, so we either seek external power and security or resent and deem power and wealth ‘evil,’ they will continue to rule the world, treating the rest of us like lab rats, even if they’re only a small percentage of the world’s population!

Now, the question is, how can feminine souls (and less excessive masculine ones) regain their true, inner power to balance things out? One simple yet essential element is gratitude. Here are 3 fundamental reasons why gratitude is empowering.

1. Gratitude Expands What You’re Grateful For

Where your attention goes, your creative energy follows, so what you focus on expands. If you focus on fear or lack (what’s ‘wrong’ or missing), you feed them your energy, shaping negative emotions and beliefs that yield more negative emotions and beliefs. If not stopped, they slowly invade your perception, coloring your life experience in varying shades of gray. These can manifest as feeling stuck or unmotivated (not clear or ‘good enough’) all the way to being completely overwhelmed, depressed, or in a panic.

Only you have the power to redirect your attention, but even a small shift creates a ripple effect that can transform your life. If you choose to value the people and things in your life, as well as what you’ve overcome or accomplished, you can recognize the abundance around you and how much you’ve learned and grown through all experiences. Not to feel better than others, but to honor the spiritual forces within you that animate your life and make things possible—through you.

2. Gratitude Dissolves the Self-Centered Ego

The self-centeredness of the ego-mind gives you the sense of being an individual on this plane, separate from everyone else. But as it claims ownership of your experience to give you the illusion of being the doer, in time it also makes you feel self-conscious and alone, as if you were carrying the burden of life without any control over it—unless you try to force things, which further disconnects you from the flow of life.

True gratitude requires humility and opens your heart, allowing you to tap into the spiritual layers of the soul. The ego has to move to the background, and this creates an emotional space for clarity and peace—which are aspects of your divine nature—to emerge.

3. Gratitude Yields Your True Power

Gratitude is an aspect of the Divine Feminine within you. As you become humble and open enough to perceive and trust that you’re supported on your soul-guided journey, you’re also opening the gates of the Feminine that maintains life and promotes abundance. This is why a beggar on the streets of Calcutta snores the night away while a Wall Street millionaire stays awake worrying about his investments.

The Feminine has been distorted and suppressed into the subconscious for millennia, but it is the unstoppable principle that gives shape to absolutely everything in Creation. And it’s present in every aspect of your soul, from the subtle layers to the physical body, giving form to what you think, desire, and feel. This is your true power, because none can direct your thoughts—unless, of course, you let them.

We’re so conditioned to think of power in terms of external, material things that we forget how our creative, divine nature designs our experience of life and the world—our individualized life-movie. The more you open up and surrender to the spiritual forces of the Divine Feminine within, the more centered and peaceful you become, trusting that you’ll always have what you need and more. This is living in 5th-dimensional reality.

Be grateful today and every day for all your blessings, including those blessings disguised as problems or obstacles, for they nudge you to discover your mental and emotional resources and show what you’re made of. Contact me today for guidance and tools to find and master your inner feminine power. Become unstoppable and join the quiet revolution redesigning a better world!

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