The Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Goddess Artemis, the Indigo Archetype according to author Yol SwanGoals move you forward, so if you’re not clear or disciplined about yours, chances are you will get stuck on your way to a better life (or business). One of the reasons why I wrote in The Indigo Journals that all feminine souls should embrace the Indigo archetype (or Goddess Artemis) for independence and self-empowerment is because it represents a healthy balance of feminine and masculine qualities.

The Feminine is receptive, empathic, and creative while the Masculine is active and goal-oriented. Without the interplay of these two divine principles, Creation would stagnate and eventually dissolve. Something similar occurs when you disconnect from your goals: life feels stagnant or like you’re spinning your mental/emotional wheels without gaining any traction.

You may remain in the idea realm without taking action to bring your creative impulses and desires into reality or you become so intensely focused on achieving something that you forget to enjoy the process of getting there. Imperfect action is certainly better than no action, for it allows you to gain clarity about what you want as you discover what you don’t want. But it’s not just taking action that helps you clarify things; it’s also the awareness of the real motivations behind the steps you take to get anywhere.

Unconscious tendencies get in the way of fulfilling your desires, deviating you from anything that brings you closer to being emotionally free or fulfilling a true purpose, because the ego-mind’s mission is to keep you “safe” in familiar patterns, even if they make life unpleasant. Cranking up the internal gauge that determines what is emotionally comfortable at any given time requires the conscious effort to stretch beyond what you already know.

Overcome Old Self-Defeating Patterns

As I explain in the book, the ingrained self-defeating patterns that permeate your perception (and therefore your reality), preventing you from achieving what you want, can be summarized as:

  1. The desire to accomplish something, to get to a better place.
  2. Your resistance to change and growth (obstacles, fears, and life dramas).
  3. Acting out your resistance: rebelling, stalling, sabotaging, and sliding back into a familiar place.

Desire fuels your creative energy, but you carry a long, thick trail of energy from past experiences, “failures,” and the thoughts and fears that made you give up on something. This is what fuels your resistance, and as long as it remains unconscious it has great power over you and golds you back. It’s not people or circumstances that block your way; it’s your own ego-based fear to make the necessary changes to fulfill your desires, because this goes against past experiences and the beliefs these experiences have shaped.

Now, how do you break free? If you’re not fully committed to what you’re doing, both mentally and emotionally, it’s easy for your ‘sense of otherness’ (your inner bully) to deviate you, so you won’t see much progress and get discouraged. These steps will get you going:

  1. Be disciplined and committed to the task at hand—that is, fully present—and take one step at a time.
  2. Release all perfectionism and accept that everything is a process.
  3. When obstacles arise (dramas, distractions, and so on), ask yourself: “Is this taking me closer to or away from my goal?” and redirect accordingly to continue on task.
  4. Be radically honest to recognize when you’re giving up on yourself because of other people’s perception (judgments, opinions, behaviors).
  5. Choose to love yourself first and foremost and invest your creative energy in what you really want to achieve, by takiing the next step in that direction, no matter how small.

Commitment and discipline are masculine qualities you must nurture to reach any goal. When you combine them with your creative and intuitive feminine qualities, you can accomplish absolutely anything you set your mind to while remaining aligned with your soul. Contact me today and learn how to develop emotional freedom to shape new empowering habits and redesign your life (or business)!

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