You Are a Multidimensional Being

know yourself with a spiritual mentor, life & business coachI just returned from a week long retreat/vacation with my daughter, and I must say, it is amazing what stepping out of the daily routine can do for the soul! Not only because you get out of the usual environment and energies around you, but also because it allows you to be in the present, instead of simply functioning in automatic pilot mode.

At least this is how it works for me: as soon as I drive off, I completely forget about my regular environment and activities; I immerse myself in the moment of driving through the mountains, or being at the beach, or playing with my daughter, or taking a photograph. It is so rejuvenating!

Even if I still have to do some of the things I was doing before, my approach is different; I feel like I am tackling what I normally do from a different perspective, with more presence of mind, so it feels less repetitive. This makes things new and different, even if they are the same ones I’ve been doing for months or years. This is how I try to live my life on a daily basis; going on retreat/vacation just makes it so much easier!

And this is what perceiving yourself as a multidimensional being is all about. Your relationship with the environment is different, even though from the outside it may look exactly the same as a day or a week before. Routines and chores become something you can enjoy without feeling overwhelmed or trapped in their, well, routineness. Time also feels different, because there is less stress and pressure involved. It’s all a matter of shifting your perspective.

When you go into meditation, your physical body remains the same and functions normally (even better than normal), but how you are and feel in your body—if you even feel your body at all—is completely different. This is because you access different dimensions of yourself, even if your physical body has to remain in the physical, 3-dimensional state. When you come out of meditation, the world also feels and looks different, does it not?

As an incarnated soul, entering different dimensions doesn’t mean you add something or go somewhere else; you simply become more unified and integrated with who you truly are. Of course, the more identified you are with the physical body’s desires and attachments, the harder it is to access a higher state of mind and perceive the world as a multidimensional being. Unresolved emotions, unconscious mental patterns, heavy secrets, and all the ego-centered baggage can definitely hinder your shift in perception. The ego-mind drags you down to the 3rd dimensional world and makes you believe that it is the only reality: that what you see is what you get.

Perceiving yourself and living as a multidimensional being means integrating your individual soul into other planes of existence within you, which obviously get reflected without you. To begin with, it means being open to the endless possibilities of what is out there—other realms and realities—and integrating them into your perception of the world. Even simply accepting these possibilities is a step toward transcending the physical dimension while still being in it, and opens the door to living a guided life.

The more you clear your emotional baggage and cultivate mental self-discipline with spiritual practices such as meditation, mantra repetition, and self-inquiry, the quieter and more meditative your mind becomes, making it easier to perceive the Universe with a global vision, through the eyes of the multidimensional being that you really are—as a more integrated soul.

Just like a wave emerges from the ocean and then merges back into the ocean, the individual soul evolves through many forms and experiences, and then goes back to its source through integration and involution—or moving inward. Perceiving yourself and the world as a multidimensional being is taking the form of the wave while knowing that you belong with the totality of the ocean, not just what is above the water, and that the whole ocean exists within you.

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