What’s Your Money Story?

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Do you get anxious when you have to pay bills or deal with money? Perhaps you dread or simply avoid balancing your checkbook or looking at your books or bank account?

Maybe you were told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and acquiring wealth requires great sacrifice and struggle. Or that it’s not spiritual and only greedy people think about and desire money.

Whether you grew up with money or your parents kept their nose to the grindstone, once you entered the adult world, what I call your sense of otherness (which in time became your inner bully) kicked in with beliefs about abundance you probably didn’t even know you had. Because these cultural beliefs have to do with more than just money, and I want to give you some tips to change them.

I’ve heard many times people talk about wealth not being spiritual. Sure, if cash is all someone cares about and their life revolves around accumulating money for money’s sake, then yes, it may seem that it’s not spiritual, but that’s because that person is too fixated on the material to nurture any spiritual aspirations. Money doesn’t turn them less spiritual; it just magnifies the insecurities and tendencies they already carry within them.

By the same token, not having money doesn’t make you more spiritual, especially if all you focus on is the fear of survival. This distorted idea about wealth comes from (both symbolic and historical) religious stories about renunciation. However, those stories do not necessarily apply to everyone. Our existence on this plane is to experience the whole spectrum of human interaction, so not all of us have to take vows of poverty—consciously or unconsciously.

Above all, the spiritual journey is not about how well you fit a certain image or idea, but about your ongoing self-inquiry and self-knowledge leading you toward the discovery of your true infinite nature. And it’s this soul quest that allows you to uncover the receptive, feminine power (regardless of your gender) that connects you to the abundance of the Divine Feminine within you.

The Energy of Money

You see, abundance is spiritual. In fact, everything in life is of a spiritual nature, but of course it can be blocked and distorted by the ego-mind. You can see this in the ever expanding generosity of mother nature. It brings more life, more love, and more beauty to all, no matter how much humans use and abuse it.

The Infinite Consciousness we call God does not lack anything, for absolutely everything exists within it; it cannot be stingy or greedy, for it does not need nor desire anything. It is all-encompassing and, well, infinitely giving.

The energy of money has the purpose of magnifying our human experience. It either expands your fears or it helps you manifest your dreams; it becomes a means to a higher end or turns into the end itself; it brings up the best or the worst in you and those around you.

A Wall Street millionaire has a hard time sleeping because he worries about his investments while a mendicant on the streets of Calcutta is happily snoring without a care in the world. One believes his happiness depends on how much money he can accumulate while the other knows that true abundance transcends the material.

Abundance is the energy of the Divine Feminine. It is everywhere, permeating everything. If you block your feminine ability to receive with fears and distorted ideas about what you deserve (or don’t) or what money is about, then it’s much harder to perceive the abundance meant for you. You couldn’t see it if it hit you on the head because your self-perception blocks it with beliefs of worthlessness.

Everyone dreams about easy money, like winning the lottery. Yet many who’ve won the lotto or made a lot of money quickly have lost everything just as fast, because of poor financial or personal decisions (bad investments, excessive donations, drugs, and so on). These people unconsciously believed that they didn’t deserve it, or that others would be envious and take it away, or their ego got so inflated that they lost touch with themselves.

Welcome Abundance and Prosperity In Your Life

In any case, there’s no reason to go from one extreme to the other if you understand that the same power within you that creates everything you experience in your reality—your creative potential—also manifests abundance and prosperity. You can use it for the benefit of all without excluding yourself.

The energy of money does not come from people, it comes through people. It belongs to Infinite Consciousness like absolutely everything else. Your job is to remove anything that may be blocking this inherent potentiality to manifest your desires of a better life.

Now is the time to bring forth the Divine Feminine from within, to tip the scales of an excessively materialistic, masculine, and toxic world. We must create more abundance, more life, and more love for all. And the energy of money is a good way to accomplish this, at least until we’re well established in 5th dimension where mastery of mind over matter will come naturally.

So here are a few tips for you to start allowing the flow of abundance:

  1. BELIEVE that abundance and prosperity are yours and the Divine Feminine will take care of you.
  2. Befriend your money: stop resisting it with fears or judgments.
  3. Know your numbers and manage your cash flow: acknowledge exactly how much comes to you and how you spend it.
  4. Be grateful for everything you have, even if it doesn’t match all your desires yet.
  5. Visualize the energy of money coming your way from many different sources.
  6. Welcome your bills: remove the anxiety around them and TRUST that you’ll pay them (if you have the cash, pay them right away).
  7. Revisit your family story around money and choose to create new beliefs around it that resonate with what you want now.
  8. Discard the idea that money is evil or that you need money to be happy: perceive it as the dynamic energy you need to accomplish what you are here to accomplish: a means to an end.
  9. Invest in your self-growth to remove whatever blocks your ability to RECEIVE.

The process of allowing abundance is similar to opening the gates of your self-expression to discover the spiritual forces within you. The key word here is allowing; only the feminine qualities of receptivity, openness, faith, and trust can guide you to tap into the creative power that lies within you as your true divine nature.

This has to be supported with the masculine qualities of determination and conscious action to create a better life. The Universe can only give you more of what you give yourself—because that’s all you’re willing to receive. Yet you cannot see what you cannot see, because your perception blocks what lies beyond your sense of otherness. So contact me today to start removing all the veils that prevent you from experiencing the life you desire and deserve!

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