What Energies Does 2017 Hold For You?

numerology for new year 2017 by spiritual counselor coachIn past years I’ve suggested that, rather than writing a list of New Year resolutions you’ll likely forget in a month or two, you choose one word as the main focus of the year, such as ‘power,’ ‘abundance,’ ‘love,’ ‘freedom,’ and so on, to set the intention to learn its true meaning. But since this year marks the start of a new 9 year-cycle (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1), it’d be most beneficial to choose a word that also fits the energies that 2017 has in store for you.

Generally speaking, 2017 is a year of new beginnings, new projects, new goals, new births—or a rebirth. It’s a time to plant seeds for the future or bring what you’ve been working on during the past cycle to a new level. It’s also an opportunity to reinvent yourself, especially if you followed the energies of the previous year, to clean house on all levels, close circles, and nurture the wounded child archetype in preparation for a rebirth.

I know, you’re always doing this, since life is a series of cycles within cycles, and each day and month has its own energies, but a year 1 provides generalized supportive energies for you to set a new foundation and lead the way to accomplish your goals. Even if your personal year isn’t a year 1, you’ll feel these energies underlying what you’re going through, as well as the drive for individuality and new experiences. So keep this in mind as you read what your personal year is about, and throughout the year as well.

To calculate your personal year, add the numbers of your birth month and day to 2017 (or 1). For instance, if you were born April 3rd, you’d add: 4 + 3 + 1 = 8, and your personal year would be a year 8; or if you were born June 6, you’d add: 6 + 6 + 1 = 13 = 4, which would be your year number. Now let’s take a look at the energies of your personal year:

YEAR 1: New beginnings, projects, goals, births (or rebirths), and possible new relationships. One is the energy of Oneness, individuality, creativity, and independence. Since your personal year matches the general energies of 2017, you’ll feel them more intensely as the year unfolds. This year you can take leadership roles confidently, embracing your creative power to accomplish something new or bring back to the forefront something you had to leave in the back burner or always wanted to do. Good words for this year are: LEADERSHIP, CONFIDENCE, INDEPENDENCE.

YEAR 2: Relationships, partnerships, balanced responsibility. Two is the energy of duality, of the illusion of separation, which it tends to instigate with conflicts and misunderstandings. It’s a very ‘touchy’ year that brings relationships to the forefront, with all the challenges they entail, so you’ll need to be especially flexible and patient, and increasingly detached. Since 2 it’s too close to the energies of 2017, you’ll feel pulled in opposite directions, having to choose between the needs of others and your individual needs. Clear boundaries and balanced responsibility are keys here. Good words: COOPERATION, TEAM WORK, DIPLOMACY, DETACHMENT.

YEAR 3: Emotional expression, creative expression, excitement. Three is the energy of self-expression, when One and Two work harmoniously together to give you the sense that you can be yourself, independent, while also having fun with others. It’s a year of great optimism that yields abundance, socializing, and creative projects, but also the tendency to leave projects unfinished. In alignment with the energies of 2017, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get out there and be recognized for who you are and what you’re able to do, both on your own and in partnerships. Good words: CREATIVITY, EXPRESSION, JOY, GENEROSITY.

YEAR 4: Hard work, stability, safety, limitations. Four is the energy that promotes stability, so it creates a bit of chaos to help you clarify and build upon what One, Two, and Three have provided. It’s a year of hard work that aligns well with the energies of 2017 as long as you don’t decide to quit what you’ve been doing to start something completely new. You can plant seeds for the future and wait till next year to make changes, even if at times you feel overwhelmed. This is the time to revisit how you spend your time, energy, and money, and make sure you’re investing in a better future. Good words: DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION, HUMILITY, LOVE.

YEAR 5: Changes, travel, freedom, spontaneity, entrepreneurship. Five is the energy of freedom, which gets easily scattered without the boundaries and clarity of the previous year numbers. If you’ve remained disciplined and on task, you’ll start reaping the rewards of both inner and outer work. This is a year you will experience many changes and, in alignment with the energy of 2017, perhaps move or travel to new, exciting places, or start (or expand) a new business. Make sure you keep your creative energy focused to avoid bouts of anxiety. Good words: FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, ADVENTURE, EXPANSION.

YEAR 6: Responsibility, family, community, support. Six is the energy of responsibility needed to harness the lessons acquired through the previous year numbers. It promotes creative cooperation for the good of the family or community, but can also feel heavy with obligations and put a damper on the individualistic tendencies of 2017. Try to keep the inner bully at bay through your creative expression, but don’t skirt the responsibilities life will present you with. Balancing your inner and outer world is key here. Good words: GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE, BALANCED RESPONSIBILITY.

YEAR 7: Trust, spirituality, spiritual senses, faith. Seven is the energy of spirituality that helps take the experiences of previous year numbers to a deeper level. For this reason, it’s a year that presents challenges on the worldly aspects of life, nudging you to look for something deeper as you learn to trust that you’re guided and supported from within. This is a year where the foundation of your goals, dreams, and relationships will be tested, and you’ll have to decide whether to take them to the next level or break them to start anew, which the energy of 2017 will strongly support. Good words: TRUST, FAITH, INTUITION, SURRENDER.

YEAR 8: Power, recognition, appreciation, abundance. Eight is the energy of power and abundance resulting from your commitment during the previous year numbers. If you’ve worked on developing discipline, flexibility, and gratitude, this year you’ll feel at the top of your game, able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You’ll be recognized and appreciated, especially if you’ve learned to assume your own authority without stepping on anybody’s toes. Otherwise, power struggles will arise to point out what you need to work on. Good words: EMPOWERMENT, ABUNDANCE, AUTHORITY, HEALING.

YEAR 9: Integration, integrity, completion, fruition, preparation, humanity. Nine is the energy of completion, of integration of previous years, encouraging you to decide which loose ends to settle and which things and people you must let go of. It’s a year of cleaning house, closing circles, and dropping what no longer serves you, in preparation for something new. Since the energy of 2017 is too close to a year 9, you’ll feel pulled in opposite directions: should you finish what you’ve been working on or drop it and start something new? Should you put others or yourself first? Should you serve people or focus on your individual creative projects? The answer is: both; find new ways to balance these opposing energies. Good words: SERVICE, COMPLETION, FULFILLMENT, GOD/GODDESS.

This, of course, is just a quick overview of the main energies this year has in store for you. Contact me today to understand the tendencies you carry from the past and learn to balance all the energies affecting you, to grow both emotionally and spiritually. Gain the clarity to embrace life as a soul-guided journey of self-exploration and spiritual fulfillment!

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