The Subtle Energy of Christmas

Jesus Christ golden statueChristmas is a day filled with joy and excitement. It is a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate and enjoy each other, to give and receive gifts, and hold thoughts and wishes of happiness and prosperity for everyone.  We all know that Christmas is celebrated in all Christian countries because it honors the birth of Jesus Christ, but this is a night that holds yet a deeper significance for the planet as a whole.

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity, but Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu ancient texts mention him as Isa (which, in Sanskrit, means “God”) the messiah (or traveler). His crystalline clear energy (thus the Christ name) is one of the energy layers projected on and permeating the Earth. As people pray and think of him, this energy layer gets intensified. So when we celebrate his earthly incarnation on Christmas, we are also, although unconsciously, strongly invoking this energy upon all of us.

Whether you consider yourself a Christian or not, I invite you take advantage of the enhanced energy of this night and invoke Christ’s crystal clear spirit to heal yourself and the planet. Merry Christmas everyone!

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