The Key To Personal & Spiritual Growth

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Your life is a series of individualized experiences unfolding through big and small cycles that give you the sense of who you are, what your life path is about, and the choices you must make to move forward on this path—as opposed to running in circles or getting stuck along the way. The extent and depth of your experiences depend on the force and truth of your soul: whether you’re able to discover higher levels of awareness through each new cycle, or not.

Since your life-movie is really a projection of yourself, colored with past tendencies and impressions that for the most part remain hidden in the subconscious (or causal body of the soul), your self-growth is directly related to how willing and committed you are to uncovering these hidden aspects and be truthful to yourself. This goes beyond just a moral dilemma of being ‘honest’ or ‘good’; it’s a matter of emotional and spiritual freedom, which is the ultimate purpose of human life.

Your soul grows and expands through a journey of evolution—of experience, understanding, and individuation—and then involution or self-discovery and self-knowledge. However, without radical honesty self-knowledge isn’t possible, because the ego-mind will create a variety of self-images to veil the truth and keep you in the same emotional patterns of childhood, when you internalized aspects of your environment to reactivate some of the issues left unresolved in previous incarnations.

So the ego-mind colors your perception to trap you in the wounded child archetype (your past) while your soul is continuously nudging you in the direction of greater clarity and love—the main principles of Consciousness—to free you from your own limited viewpoint that disconnects you from yourself. But if you’re not willing to look at that inner child, with all the pain and disappointment it carries, you will likely continue to experience life in circles, emotionally speaking, rather than shifting to increasingly higher cycles of awareness and love.

Now, how does the ego-mind manage to keep you in the same patterns of perception, and what can you do to break free? In my experience, the key is to be flexible and open to new possibilities—that is, willing to question your beliefs, hidden motivations, and illusions about life and others. The ego is like ‘sensory glue’ attaching you to the world: it distorts your view with judgments; it clouds your heart intelligence with painful triggers; it molds your self-perception according to other people’s behavior; it fixes your self-images and beliefs to keep you from growing and embracing the fluidity of life.

Here are some guidelines to help you counteract this, to promote personal and spiritual growth:

  • Accept change without fear: when a door closes another one opens; every end is the beginning of something new.
  • Question everything, especially your own thoughts and beliefs: ask yourself, is this really true? Is this the only truth? Are there any other possibilities to react/experience/perceive this?
  • Get out of our head: immerse yourself in a creative endeavor or physical activity on a regular basis.
  • Be willing to detach emotionally and watch life as a movie, with great curiosity but no expectations.
  • Reclaim your full presence of mind in the here-and-now with a child-like sense of wonder, adventure, and joy.

Clearly, this is a process, but you can learn to open up to the new rather than resisting change to make it easier on yourself. Remember, you learn what you came to learn either through awareness or suffering, and the more aware of yourself you become, the less suffering you need in your life-movie. So contact me today and start integrating all the aspects you need to feel empowered and express yourself freely, to connect to the flow of a joyful and abundant soul-guided life!

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