Make 2016 the Year You Prepare For Divine Emergence!

Happy New Year!

The Winter Solstice opened a portal to greater possibilities of growth and expansion, and then a powerful Christmas Full Moon anchored it. As 2015 comes to a close, grab the opportunity to reflect on what this year has brought to your awareness and experience, and what you envision for the year(s) ahead.

Consciousness expands through cycles within cycles—from the regularity of night and day to the immense cosmic phases of Creation and Dissolution—but its infinite potentiality allows it to never repeat itself in the exact same way. Each leaf, flower, snow flake, and individual is absolutely unique. A fulfilling life also embraces this principle.

No matter how similar or repetitive your life or work may seem, try to see both obvious and subtle differences in every moment. Likewise, become aware of the mental/emotional patterns your ego-mind tends to trap you in and change something: either do something new or do things with a new attitude or in a new way. In other words, stretch your comfort zone and explore the unknown!

Change brings resistance and discomfort, but each time you move through it you place yourself in a slightly higher place and gain more clarity about yourself, your path, and your soul purpose. The trick is to consciously make a change and then have the courage to pierce through the emotional fog it triggers, by remaining committed to the choice you’ve made without sliding back into old patterns, out of fear.

Develop Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

Uncomfortable decisions usually reflect a conflict between love and fear—between trusting the spiritual forces within that carry forth your true nature and holding on to attachments and expectations that feed a self-image you’re used to and afraid to shatter (of being good, smart, spiritual, and so on). Remember that love and fear are opposites: the moment you let go of fear, love flows.

Emotional and spiritual freedom require letting go of your attachments and expectations, because they bind you to the past and prevent you from experiencing something truly new or in a new way. That is, they block greater possibilities of consciousness expansion. To create the life you really want, you must willingly ‘re-train’ your mind with new habits of thought and perception.

So ask yourself, what decisions are you willing to make to turn this year into a new phase of self-love, compassion, and consciousness expansion for you and the world? Here’s to get you started:

  • Pick a single focus for the year: pick one word you resonate with and make it your “power word” by focusing and reflecting on it regularly.
  • Be open, flexible and receptive, because the Universe will send you what you need to learn, and not necessarily what you think you know about what your power word represents, to help you remove your own resistance.
  • Shed what you’ve been dragging for years: both material and emotional baggage that no longer serves you.
  • Anchor yourself in yourself to find balance between your individuality and the needs of those you love.
  • Drop the goody-goody self-image and be absolutely honest with yourself and with others. Drop the sense of obligation, self-judgment, and self-sacrifice!
  • Be fully present in everything you do and wide open to new possibilities.

2016 is a year of divine recognition, compassion, and service. It’s also a year that demands greater self-integration and integrity. Remember that the subtle revolution of the Spirit we’re going through starts and ends with you, and commit fully to your personal transformation to allow the spiritual forces within (of love and light) to emerge and take charge.

Turn this year into a solid jump board toward a completely new experience of life, stretching further and further as you deal with hidden and unresolved emotions, and become whole by aligning with the eternal Self of your soul, in preparation for your divine emergence!

Sending you much love, light, and blessings for a wonderful New Year!

Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business Coach

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