Is Your Perception Expanding Or Contracting?

expand your perception with intuitive spiritual counseling & coachingDid you know that your mind expands with new ideas and creative actions and love and laughter? This also happens when you do something that stretches your comfort zone, because you recalibrate the emotional gauge that keeps your experiences within familiar limits before triggering any resistance.

You set that meter higher and higher as you develop emotional flexibility and mental freedom, and in time get to do what you really want without fear. This is how you got to sleep without a night light as a kid and later learned to ride a bike and then a car. You slowly integrated new experiences, and each time you did your perception broadened and you gained more mobility and self-confidence.

The mind contracts with self-doubt and judgment and also when you get fixated on something, which is what fear pushes you to do. It disconnects you from the flow of life, creating a split between what you want and the safety of remaining where you are. Yep, it keeps you stuck. There is no better way to control someone than with fear, and we all learned about this dysfunctional dynamic in childhood.

Whether your parents indirectly passed their apprehensions on to you or they used fearful tactics or threats (or worse) to control your actions, you had to squelch your desires and contract your sense of self to navigate life. Now this continues with religious and social institutions, through the media’s endless manipulative techniques to mold mass behavior.

You feel compelled to meet certain expectations, which may vary depending on your unique situation, but both your unconscious beliefs and a wounded need for love keeps you codependent, holding a low emotional gauge. Any attempt to stretch it brings the fear of being judged and rejected—or unloved again—sometimes even by those you don’t know or care about! So what can you do about it?

Have Love and Compassion For Yourself First

What you may not realize is that you are the first one to judge your behavior and desires as unacceptable through what I call your sense of otherness (the internalized authority figures that have become an inner censor and bully). The ego-mind shaped self-images you must now maintain, so it shows great resistance if you try to step beyond them.

Unfortunately, these self-images result from fear, so they may give you a sense of safety, but not a sense of love. Love and fear are opposites. Love expands your sense of self, but fear contracts it. Love heals your emotional and spiritual wounds, and fear keeps them festering. Love opens you to new possibilities while fear limits your awareness.

Life is constant change and growth, so if you’re not in sync with its feminine fluidity, it passes you by, making you feel like you’re not yourself or you can’t seem to accomplish what you want. Without emotional flexibility and mental freedom, you stagnate in the unconscious patterns you’ve experienced all your life as your reality.

Your perception creates your reality, so with proper guidance and some effort you can shift your standpoint to live your life without fear or apologies. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • If you’re pulled in different directions, check in with your heart compass to become aware of how you really feel, with no judgment.
  • Use any contraction as a sign that you’re placing your awareness in fear.
  • Remind yourself that this is just one perspective, one possibility; it’s not fixed and it’s not the truth.
  • Breathe deeply and think, “What if…?” and replace the fear with a new, more positive possibility.
  • What would be your advice to someone else if you were their best friend?
  • Focus on that new viewpoint to expand it with the creative power of your attention, and starve the fear by disbelieving it.
  • Ask the Universe for what you want by clarifying it as much as possible. The clearer it becomes—that is, clear of contradictions—the sooner it can become part of your reality.
  • Relax, accept what is, and trust that the spiritual forces within you will bring the experience you will benefit from the most.

When you shift your awareness and open up to what lies beyond the emotions that keep you stuck, you expand your mind to a 5th-dimensional perception where absolutely anything is possible. Contact me today to gain clarity and learn practical spiritual tools to live a higher reality!

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