How To Find Your Truth In The Age of Darkness

discover your inner light with spiritual counseling & coachingWe are so attached to the physical senses and the ‘tangible’ material reality they allow us to experience that it may be difficult to wrap our head around the idea that we’re moving toward new cosmic and planetary cycles and a higher reality (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension) when we witness so much ignorance and suffering in the world. The thing is, we’re still in the Age of Darkness or kali yuga and at the end of a masculine cycle of sensory, highly materialistic perception while these shifts are slowly happening.

Kali yuga is a much bigger cosmic phase than the ones we’re headed toward, which will be a wonderful respite for us humans and bring much needed rejuvenation to our lovely planet (but not without some upheaval). There is great confusion about this out there, especially in the West, because the New Age movement wants to believe that the Age of Darkness is ending and the Age of Light is beginning, but that’s not exactly the case.

This yuga has about 427,000 years remaining and the feminine cosmic cycle we are just entering will last about 10,000 years; the Age of Aquarius began 200 years ago, is still overlapping with the Age of Pisces, and has another 2,000 years to go. But don’t panic. By the time this next feminine cosmic cycle ends you will likely be in a completely different plane of existence. Plus, you hold the power to transcend your reality now, no matter how dark it may seem, because you’re an embodied spark of Consciousness inherently wired to discover your true divine nature. It just takes more effort in the current density.

Saying that kali yuga is ending because humanity is awakening is like thinking that a year is over because we’re entering summer in the Western hemisphere, when there is more light since the days are longer than the nights. In human terms, 2,000, or 10,000, or 427,000 years is a very, very long time, but these are short experiences in the limitlessness of the expansive Cosmic Mind.

Why is it important to understand all this? The Age of Darkness is one where ‘the blind lead the blind’ and it’s easy to be swayed by charismatic figures who speak with authority and feed the masses distorted information to gain control over their minds—and their pockets. We’ve seen this in a big way in the political and religious arena throughout recorded history, and more recently also in cults and spiritualized or healing-based groups; even on a personal level, power-based relationships have become the norm.

The Balance Of Feminine and Masculine Within

When the Masculine becomes excessive, the Feminine turns passive, so feminine souls, who are naturally receptive and empathic, fall more easily for quick-fix illusions or controlling and manipulative (even narcissistic) masculine soul types, as a result of the extreme polarization of this world and an intensified attraction of opposites. This is not gender-based; both male and female leaders and false gurus draw large groups of people who follow them blindly and cling to their every word as divine truths. Unfortunately, more often than not, their power of persuasion doesn’t come from enlightenment or selfless intentions, but from charismatic, con-like abilities and excellent marketing strategies.

I’m not saying there are no true teachers or enlightened souls out there. I myself have had the blessing of meeting a few, but they’re rare gems who usually attract those they’re meant to by their vibrational energy alone. Those promising a short-cut to freedom or a one-size-fits-all approach to peace and happiness usually aim to hold their followers in the codependent, power-based dynamic we’ve all learned during childhood and are very familiar with—but are also supposed to break free from now.

Since the Divine Feminine is being gradually restored on the planet our collective spiritual senses are also getting re-energized, so false leaders and teachers luring innocent followers with the promise of change or spiritual and healing powers will eventually lose their charm. So will the self-centered masculine souls that now suck up their wounded partners’ love. But this is going to take quite some time, so it’s essential to remain aware and alert to avoid giving your power away while developing the emotional freedom that will lead you toward a higher reality and the spiritual freedom you’re still seeking outside of yourself.

Love is the aspect of Consciousness manifesting as the Divine Feminine; the light of discrimination belongs to the Divine Masculine. You need to integrate both to find your inner voice and truth—what connects you to yourself and helps you embrace all of who you are without fear or judgment. Self-love is the fuel supporting a life lived from the deepest layer of your soul, which in turn contributes love and awareness to the collective unconscious on the planet.

How do you get there? Here are some guidelines to get you started:

  • Drop your victim self-perception and turn your life story into a journey of self-exploration, to discover who you really are.
  • Value what makes you a unique expression of Consciousness, no matter what your circumstances, to clarify what you want.
  • Stop waiting for something or someone to ‘fix’ things and accept that the future you desire requires the ongoing effort of looking within to develop self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-love.
  • Remember that you are the creator and director of your life-movie and nobody but YOU can change the script.
  • Stop idealizing others, believing they are more important (or intelligent, beautiful, deserving, powerful) than you, recognize your own potential, and take full spiritual responsibility for yourself.

You can’t discover your light and truth if you’re not willing to also recognize your own darkness and trust the spiritual forces leading you from within (or the guidance of selfless teachers). This can’t happen without guidance and support, because in this time and age darkness prevails, creating emotional blinders to hold you back. So contact me today to discover the mental patterns preventing you from living a soul-guided life and experiencing a higher reality. Have the courage to make the leap and stop waiting for others to catch up with the new cosmic and planetary cycles ahead!

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