How To Embrace Your State of ‘Becoming’

empower the feminine within with spiritual counseling & coachingHave you been yearning to be truly authentic and express who you are and what you want without fear or self-judgment? Well, you’re not alone. As the Divine Feminine regains its proper place within you and on the planet (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part One), you will feel the calling to nurture many aspects you may have neglected or left behind. The distortions of the Feminine turned this world into a battlefield of egos where the predominant lack of love makes humans both suffer and create suffering. But things are changing, albeit painfully slowly.

Your self-awareness is the main fuel in the quiet spiritual revolution we’re going through. As each one of us starts taking full spiritual responsibility for our individual and collective experience, we can contribute to the expansion of Divine Consciousness required to bring balance in our lives and also free this prison-planet from the density and polarization that maintains our ego-based reality.

It may be difficult to realize how much you’re expanding into the real YOU when everything around you seems the same or even worse than before. To transition into a higher dimension and new cosmic cycle, however, you need to be redone and reborn on many levels. Be aware, nobody is going to do the work for you, but your soul is most certainly leading your transformation. If you pay attention, listen, and align with it, the great emotional effort you still have to make to remove your own resistance to change will be less painful.

Obviously, it won’t happen without commitment and determination. You must overcome the wounded child archetype you’ve been trapped in for a long time, to finally recognize that you are the master of your ship and in charge of your own destiny. But taking spiritual responsibility for your life is not easy; the ego-mind tries to convince you, at every opportunity, that you’re a vulnerable and powerless victim of circumstance. It colors your mental and emotional states with past impressions of codependency and helplessness.

Heal Your Wounded Child Archetype

You may appear like an independent adult, all grown up and both socially and financially active; but emotionally speaking, you’re still reacting to and getting triggered by the same dynamics of childhood. Why? Well, first of all, because life doesn’t come with instructions and you’ve been seeking happiness outside of yourself. Also, because you are the sculptor, the stone, and the sculpture meant to emerge as you chip away the unconscious patterns and tendencies that have kept you stuck (albeit ‘safe’ in a familiar comfort zone) for years AND lifetimes. Growing is quite a challenge!

Psychologists speak of a process of individuation we have to go through as we move into adulthood: from the self-centered perception and magical thinking of childhood into the responsibilities of socially functional adults. On a spiritual level, this process goes in a somewhat opposite direction. You reincarnate as an individual soul, with specific tendencies and issues to go through, and as you grow up and internalize the world around you, you tend to lose the inner sense of who you are.

Hopefully, your life experiences may eventually bring you to question the conditioning and self-images you’ve adopted to navigate life safely—that is, according to other people’s expectations (thus the emotional codependency). So you need to go back—to go within—to integrate all the aspects of your soul that align you to who you really are. More than individuation, it’s a process of involution, to embrace your true divine nature and remember that you are one with your experience and nothing is separate from you.

This process is the state of becoming you’re in now, as you attempt to strengthen your sense of self, which is the inner voice that connects you to the spiritual layers of your soul and the Divine Feminine, while still struggling to quiet down the ‘sense of otherness’ that keeps you trapped in the past, pushing you to follow the dictates of the external world (of ‘others’). Here are a few guidelines to help you heal your wounded child archetype and self-align:

  • Connect to your soul through its symbolic manifestations in your reality;
  • Accept that you are becoming who-you-really-are and surrender to what is;
  • Reclaim and nurture the dreams you’ve left behind, unloved;
  • Be open to guidance and support (no need to walk the journey alone, in temper-tantrum mode);
  • Drop the identifications with past roles and embrace the Goddess archetype (all your feminine aspects);
  • Break free from all codependent and victim-like dynamics, and assume full spiritual responsibility for absolutely everything in your reality;
  • Center yourself by breathing deeply and repeating throughout the day:

“I am love.”
“I am light.”
“I am joy.”

So contact me today and get the guidance and support you need, to understand what it means to take full spiritual responsibility within the context of your individual experience. Isn’t it time to heal the wounded child archetype that sabotages your sense of self and prevents you from feeling fulfilled and in charge of your life?

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