How Simple Is Your Life?

Yol Swan, spiritual counselor, author & coachI’ve been pretty quiet lately and wanted to touch base with you. My main focus has been serving my clients and writing a book that I’ve been working on for months now. Hopefully I’ll have a first draft finished soon and be able to give you a peek in the near future. I’ll give you a hint: it’s about Indigos… ;-)

So I’m shifting toward simpler, more personal communications to provide insights, ideas, guidance, and updates, to support your self-empowerment and self-growth toward a higher reality—a more fulfilling and purposeful life or business.

The key word I keep getting this year is SIMPLICITY, which I encourage you to cultivate through the next few months as well: get clear about what and who you want to keep in your life and who and what really needs to go now.

We’ve been trained to accumulate things: properties, possessions, money, credentials, power, control, and  mostly stuff-we-think-we-need-that-doesn’t-really-make-us-happy. This is probably why most of the developed world suffers from diseases of excess and yet lacks a deeper sense of connection, abundance, and love, which are qualities of the Divine Feminine. So is inner power.

True power is simple, humble, and quiet. It doesn’t need bells and whistles, and it certainly doesn’t need to feel “in control” of situations or others. It simply is and expresses itself naturally when we strengthen our sense of self. Oh, and it doesn’t stop playing and dancing with life. Because it is through this loving, joyful dance that it shapes who we truly are, allowing us to fully emerge and embrace our sense of purpose. Then we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to do.

So what self-defeating habits can you shed right now to simplify your life and stop taking yourself so seriously? Isn’t it time to play, dance, and fall in love with your life again (or for the first time)?

Contact me if you need help and intuitive spiritual mentoring and support with that!

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