How Much Can You Trust Your Intuition?

develop true intuition with a spiritual mentor & coachHave you ever done something with an uncomfortable gut feeling, only to realize after an unpleasant outcome that you knew you shouldn’t have done it?

Most people think this is their intuition speaking, but it’s not always the case. How can you tell if you made a “bad” choice because you didn’t trust your inner voice or if you simply tainted the outcome with your own contradictory feelings about the situation?

If we create our reality through our self-perception and beliefs, how do we differentiate our intuitive insight from our fear based resistance? After all, there is a fine line between them, and there is no way to tell which one is which if they remain unconscious. This is why it’s crucial to know yourself and your emotional patterns inside and out.

We live in an excessively masculine world, where logic, rational thinking, and a “scientific approach” are predominant. Not because it is ruled by sensibility, but because we trust the ego-mind more than our sense of self and have become increasingly disconnected from the feminine, including our spiritual senses. This creates a polarized imbalance, and we may gravitate toward one or the other—the mental or the emotional—instead of integrating these and other aspects of ourselves.

If you base your decisions solely on gut feelings or instincts, the ego-mind will either make you disbelieve any rational approach or color those feelings with fear and doubt to keep you “safe” in your comfort zone. If you make only logical decisions, you may be unaware of the subtle or hidden sides of an issue, or dismiss your emotional compass if it tries to redirect you toward something better.

Develop Your Intuitive Wisdom

In the end, either way may work against you because it prevents you from developing greater emotional flexibility and freedom. A fluid, dynamic interaction of the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual would yield more fulfilling and empowering choices, outcomes, and relationships in your life. For this you’d need to develop intuitive wisdom, which is the integration of intuition and wisdom—the feminine and masculine spiritual aspects of the mind. Here are a few tips to develop it:

  • Revisit the past with compassion. Learn from past experiences and connect the dots between causes and effects, choices and results, and so on. Remember that there is a lesson to be learned behind all experiences and choices, and do not judge yourself for the “wrong” ones. Be honest but compassionate: you didn’t know then what you know now.
  • Take full responsibility. Shift your perspective to one of complete responsibility for your reality, and don’t focus on other people’s choices, only yours. Drop the victim-blame game and get clear about what you want from now on.
  • Be radically honest with yourself. What may have been your hidden motivations or payoffs in the choices you’ve made in the past? Find the motivations behind everything you do now.
  • Meditate daily and before an important decision. Meditation creates an empty, quiet space between yourself and the world that will eventually prevent the ego-mind from coloring your choices. It also helps you tap into your unconscious spiritual senses.
  • Ask for guidance. Be humble and remember that you cannot see what you cannot see. We all have blind spots that the ego uses to hold us trapped in the past, recreating the same-old-same. The ego is the know-it-all inside you that keeps you from learning and growing.
  • Remain open and alert. Trust that this is a soul directed journey and establish clearer communication with your soul by shedding what blocks it: your fears, doubts, and stagnant belief patterns. Be attentive to what’s going on within you at all times and remain detached from any outcome or other people’s choices.

Your feminine spiritual senses lie in what we call the subconscious. Isn’t it time to awaken them to become more integrated in who you really are? Then contact me today to start exploring what motivates you and integrating all aspects of yourself, with their multidimensional layers, and get ready to experience the big difference of a soul guided life!

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