Do You Believe In Karma?

learn all about karma with Intuitive spiritual counseling & coachingI recently read a quote about the Law of Attraction that helped me better understand why it has become so popular in the West (aside, of course, from the strategic marketing behind it). The quote basically stated that there’s no need to resolve or even look at the past to attract what you want in life, but to focus only on a good feeling to change your current vibration.

I agree that the present is your place of power and your thoughts hold much creative power, but for someone whose purpose has been delving deeply into the past to understand how to transcend the ego-mind and leave behind the trail of tendencies and karmic ties we all carry, that approach is not enough. Does it mean that the world is such a mess because we’re all thinking low-vibration thoughts and our actions have nothing to do with it?

It may be comforting to think that no matter what you’ve done or experienced in the past, you can simply follow a mental formula to shove it under the rug and keep moving forward without taking spiritual responsibility for your complex, multilayered self. But isn’t that what most people do to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings anyway? Are our past actions and experiences meaningless?

The ego-mind tends to project your flaws unto others to keep you trapped in a self-image, unaware of who you really are and why you make the choices you make. Its purpose is to keep you in the past, unconsciously repeating patterns of perception and behavior. These create a long trail of energy (from this and other lifetimes) that manifests as your reality—through your own tendencies and thoughts. In other words, you create your own life-movie, but if you don’t understand the motivations behind your thoughts and actions you’re bound to repeat familiar types of experiences that match old patterns without breaking free from them.

It’s no mistake that these words were engraved at the entrance of the ancient Oracle of Delphi: Know Thyself. People from different ages and social positions walked up Mount Parnassus, lining up the path to the temple of Apollo to consult the Oracle or Pythia who, by the way, was always a woman—representing the receptive, intuitive qualities of the Feminine.

Not much has changed in terms of people seeking advice from psychics and channels. If our modern Pyhtias were still found only in shrines, perhaps we’d find different words on their temples to suit this overly masculine world (something to the effect of Change Thy Thoughts?). But the truth is that the Delphic maxim still rings true and resonates with the wisdom of all ancient spiritual traditions. Because we all know—at least on a soul level—that we engage in this human experience to expand Consciousness by becoming self-aware.

Karma Or No Karma? That Is the Question

Not long ago someone mentioned to me they learned online that there will be no karma in 5th dimension, which to some degree relates to what the Law of Attraction is saying: no matter what has come before, you can shift your feelings to a higher frequency and experience something different. It sounds great, but the tricky part is, how do you get to maintain those positive feelings when you carry a thick trail of energy that continuously resists them and you also witness so much suffering around you?

This triggers an internal split. The mind wants to say, “Just think good thoughts” while the heart keeps pulling your attention to the wounds and hurts you haven’t yet resolved—all those orphaned aspects you’ve left behind, unloved, trying to move away from a painful past. The problem is, energy can’t simply disappear, and the trail from past experiences crystallizes as your reality. Yes, you can crystallize some of it with conscious thoughts, but the truth is that most of it remains unconscious.

Karma means “action” or “deed” in Sanskrit, and the Law of Karma weaves your existence with those events, people, and experiences you seem to have no control over, because its purpose is, again, to make you self-aware. In this divine game of Consciousness expansion, the ultimate goal of your soul is the realization of your true nature, which can only happen when you look within to recognize, accept, and integrate everything you are. Learning comes from experience, so your awareness helps you make better choices for the future as you go through unpleasant events.

Now, the Law of Karma is not meant to punish or retaliate in any way; there’s nobody out there pulling the strings for you to suffer or go through difficult situations; it’s all your own doing—your self-directed life-movie—because its principles are ingrained in your divine nature to lead you back into self-alignment and eventually reach Self-realization. Karma is not linear like an equation of “cause and effect,” because many factors play a part in the final outcome of any action, but it certainly is an essential aspect of your mental patterns. It’s meant to help you become spiritually responsible for the reality you create, both personally and on a collective level.

In the density of 3rd dimension, actions leave a deeper imprint than in higher dimensions, where your creative power is also higher and karma starts at the level of thought. This is one of the reasons why we sunk from 5th dimension to 3rd dimension in the past, so I wouldn’t count on karma disappearing once we get established in 5th dimension again; it’s just going to manifest differently as we move from a dark, masculine cosmic cycle into a light, feminine cosmic cycle. You can learn more about all this in my new book by clicking here.

To create an abundant and empowering life, you must learn to manage your creative energy without pretending that the past has no effect on your present. The truth is, your present is nothing but a projection of the past, but you can learn from it and recycle its energy to shape a much better future. Contact me today to learn how!

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