Carpe Diem: Seize the Day!

my dog LunaWe had to put our beloved dog Luna to sleep. She suddenly started eating less and less a couple weeks ago until she stopped eating completely, as if her digestive system shut down.

Lab tests, x-rays, and all sorts of examinations came back normal, providing no obvious reason for these radical changes. Her vet concluded it was some aggressive cancer hidden somewhere due to the rapid weight loss and dehydration.

It was painful to see her fade away and then have to say goodbye so abruptly. We rescued her from a shelter 12 years ago: it was love at first sight between her and my daughter. Although she seemed a bit too energetic and jumpy at first, she proved to be the sweetest dog ever and a wonderful companion.

Her deep, dark eyes were always full of love and joy, and her gentle nature fully grounded in the present, seizing every second of her life to be herself. She was a feminine leader, playfully following her own path and standing her ground fiercely when faced with bullies.

I know Luna had a good life and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been part of it, but as I grieve her departure I am reminded that nothing is permanent on this physical plane and we must cherish every moment with full presence of mind. After all, only the present is real, as fleeting as it is, and our whole life can pass us by if we’re not attentive enough.

The great Indian saint Shree Maa once said, “Paying attention is worship.” When you’re fully present in what you do, you’re actually honoring the sacredness of life and your own divinity. You become one with life, one with your breath, one with the Oneness of the Infinite Consciousness you’re an extension of.

From Victimhood To Self-Empowerment

The present is also your place of power. For one, each and every second is an opportunity to tap into your infinite nature, if you can quiet the mind enough to be, well, absolutely present. And also, because it is from this moment on—from the here and now—that you shape your future with your creative power, your desires, and your focus. No matter what has come before, you can always turn your life around with the power of your attention.

Wherever your attention goes there you are,
and your energy (your power) follows.

Focusing on what is wrong or missing keeps you stuck and creates more of the same because you feed it your creative vibrational energy. Since your life is really a projection of consciousness both filtered by and projected on the mind, you cannot change it unless you transform your perception. Nothing exists in isolation, so our collective energy creates the world we live in and our past impressions and beliefs maintain the global reality we witness. It may seem fixed, but it’s a myriad layers of vibrational energy fluctuating and blending like the waves in the ocean.

The ego-mind, however, wants the opposite: to remain fixed and hold on to the illusion of permanence. It’s a virtual layer of the soul that only exists as long as you identify with the physical senses, so it needs the illusion of being fixed. It colors your perception with past impressions because the past is unchangeable. What the ego doesn’t want you to realize is that although you cannot change the past, you can transform your perception of the past. Once you make peace with it, the ego holds less control and creating the future you want requires less effort.

Here’s the thing: your current reality is a projection of the past and your future is what you’re projecting right here, right now with your habits of thought and action. If you take spiritual responsibility by recognizing that what you’ve experienced before was the result of your own doing, and you accept and forgive yourself for what didn’t go the way you wanted, you shift your perception toward a brighter reality.

You grow from a victim mentality into a self-empowered co-creator, able to shape the life you truly desire. So I encourage you to seize the day each and every day, to experience life as the journey of self-discovery it really is without wasting any more time complaining or waiting for things to magically change or people to behave the way you want. Contact me today to shed light onto the mental patterns that keep you stuck in the past and learn to harness your creative power to live a soul guided life you LOVE!

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