Are You Opening Your Heart Up to Abundance?

open up to abundance with spiritual counseling & coachingDo you see all the abundance around you? How many trees and flowers and birds and blades of grass can you count? There is abundance everywhere! And yet most of us fail to see and allow it into our experience because we tend to focus on what is wrong, what is missing, or what we don’t have—our attention is on the multitude of unfulfilled desires that our senses continuously produce and the external world reinforces.

Infinite Consciousness knows no limitations; only the ego does because it has a self-restraining nature and cannot perceive anything beyond its limited existence. Think about this for a minute. The nature and purpose of the ego is to keep you trapped in the illusion of individuality to experience life in human physical form; that is, to prevent you from seeing how everything and everyone is connected and how in reality we are one and the same Infinite Consciousness manifesting in a myriad forms and shapes and colors.

The mind is a vehicle of infinite creative potential, but the ego filters that potentiality to keep the sense of individuality and maintain you “safe” in the same emotional place you found yourself when you were a young kid. Why? Because it was back then that your tendencies and impressions (and your interpretation of life) were “set” as your psychological foundation.

Now, why wouldn’t the ego simply stretch as we grow up so that our physical, mental, and emotional growth would be harmoniously in synch without any aspect getting stuck anywhere? As a matter of fact, that ideal growth model is what psychologists use as a point of reference and aim for: they want us moving forward emotionally to function and integrate in the world. Heck, if we could grow emotionally in the same manner we grow physically, that is, without any effort or even thinking about it, we’d be all set and happy, right?

Transcending the Illusion of Me, Myself and Mine

The truth is that, at least where we are in this highly dysfunctional world, without the effort it takes to grow and resolve our mental and emotional issues to transcend the ego-mind, there would be no vibrational contrast and no consciousness expansion to help us move beyond the dysfunction. In reality, this is what we are here to do because it is what this human experience is ultimately all about: consciousness, expansion, and transcendence.

The ego wants you to believe that life is about self-gratification, but that is an illusion that cannot bring you peace and happiness. Every time you satisfy a desire, another one pops up; every time you identify with your desire, you get attached to the object of your desire; and if you cannot satisfy the desire, you suffer because of your attachment. Yet if you let go of the attachment, the suffering disappears and the desire—if true, or aligned with your true purpose—actually manifests, simply because it’s part of who you really are.

The ego identifies with and gets attached to the environment and to the desires created by the physical senses to maintain the illusion of individuality (the Me, Myself, Mine). Yet we are not just our physical body or even our psyche: we are consciousness in expansion. So being a socially functioning, emotionally grown up, and successful individual is not necessarily enough to find happiness.

This is why some celebrities can have absolutely everything they desire and still live miserable lives while poor saints and yogis can reach enlightenment and experience absolute peace without even dealing with their psychological makeup. They dissolve the barriers of the ego through mental self-discipline, self-knowledge, and the absolute focus (or faith) of merging with the Self, God, or Infinite Consciousness. What gets them to fulfill their purpose is their undeterred determination.

Transcending Illusion, Fear and Disappointment

What does this have to do with abundance? Well, attaining what you truly desire, be it abundance or success or love, or anything at all, follows the exact same process as enlightenment, although it demands less effort: it requires your undeterred intention, determination, and focus. Opening up and allowing abundance or love or anything you want into your experience means removing absolutely everything that gets in the way, which in fact translates as relentlessly dissolving the ego—being in the NOW.

In order to grow internally, you may have to ignore the collective reality and in spite of it all, agree to do things that perhaps make you feel completely stupid or naive: to open your heart all the way and give yourself permission to be vulnerable and passionate and idealistic, and to believe and trust in something that no one else around you can see or believe in. You must hold fast to your vision, no matter how many times “reality” brings you down and crushes your heart.

You may experience breakdowns, periods of extreme doubt, and painful crises of faith. Yet no matter how many times you fall, you have to get up and open up again, and allow the flow of love (i.e., abundance, insight, wisdom) to continue and expand, even if it looks like you’re just hitting walls and watching and enduring only pain inside and around you. You have to continue and trust and believe that things will get better. Because they will.

If you have been going through this self-exploration and growing process for a while, you are probably experiencing that it is all beginning to pay off, even if it still feels like an endless proposition. And if you are just getting started, well, you are in luck. Divine support is becoming clearer everyday and our sense of self and purpose is also getting stronger, no matter what the external reality. But the inner work can no longer be avoided.

You Have to Believe First In Order to Perceive Abundance

A portal of abundance is opening up now and will continue expanding in the months and years ahead for those ready to receive it, so the more you open your heart through gratitude for and appreciation of what you have, the more you will allow it into your experience. It is time to stop holding on to your disappointments and remember the countless times and ways that Consciousness (Spirit, Source, God, etc.) has come through for you and supported you in your endeavors, dreams, and projects.

Do not allow old limiting beliefs from family members, friends, and the mass media to invade your mental field, and instead open up to the internal knowing that everything will be alright, that you will always be supported, and that abundance—like Infinite Consciousness—is here and now and everywhere for everyone. You just need to remove what is preventing you from experiencing it.

The channels of abundance are indeed opening, even if we can’t see the bigger picture yet. Now, are you ready to open your heart up to a higher perception of the world and dismiss the ego-mind that tries to hold you to the past and limit your perception to “what is” and “what has been,” to really start welcoming better things into your life?

Isn’t it time to break free from the beliefs that hold you back and the illusions that veil your true sense of self and prevent you from living a joyful and abundant life? contact me if you need guidance and support through spiritual counseling to understand the whys of your blind spots. Investing in yourself to get the clarity you need is the very first step toward inner growth, because the Universe can only give you more of what you give yourself. It’s a vibrational request you are continuously sending…

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