3 Signs You’re Developing a 5th-Dimensional Perception

develop a 5th-dimensional perception with spiritual counselingCan you imagine if this 3-dimensional reality you’re so used to suddenly got flattened into a 2-dimensional perspective, like that of a drawing or cartoon? The world would look and feel very different: the density and volume you consider solid, tangible matter would no longer be there, and you’d only be able to appreciate things in a very linear manner, with no depth of experience. Not to mention the dissolution of time, for time is a mental construct that connects our perception to 4th dimension (and the illusion of death).

You’d feel limited and constricted in a lower dimension, as if someone had stolen fundamental aspects of your reality, wouldn’t you? Well, something similar occurred when we dropped from 5th into 3rd dimension during what I call the Great Feminine Disconnection (or the Great Disconnect, for short) about 10,000 years ago, when we also began a masculine cosmic cycle. You can read all about it in my book, The Indigo Journals, but to put it simply and quickly, let’s just say that this human experiment sank into a collective prison-like awareness.

Our mind shifted from a higher understanding of life as a vibrational energy continuum connecting everything and everyone, along with a clearer sense of our divinity, into a much denser, semi-conscious state lead by the attachment to the physical senses and the ongoing sensory desires created by the ego-mind resulting from our identification with the physical. We forgot whence we came and what our purpose was as the world got increasingly driven by the craving (and illusion) of physical and material power.

We’ve behaved like animals in captivity or inmates, trapped in a compartmentalized perception of life where fear and guilt isolate us with self-made mental cages that block the flow of love. But the opportunity to free ourselves from this slave-like mentality has arrived, because we’ve reached a juncture of overlapping shifts:

  • The transition toward a new feminine cosmic cycle of 10,000 years, since we’ve reached the extreme of masculinity and going further would mean complete destruction.
  • The astrological Age of Aquarius (a cycle of about 2,150 years) we’ve been heading toward for approximately 200 years but have yet to fully establish.
  • And finally (!) moving back to 5th dimension (see Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension).

Now, what does this mean and how can you help promote this liberation we’ve been yearning for for so long?

A 5th-Dimensional Perception Is Both Of Oneness and Infinite Possibilities

It’s no coincidence that we’ve made so much progress in theoretical physics and also gained greater insight into the subtle aspects of human experience. We are incarnated in and attached to the physical, but even our exploration of the Universe has at some point to meet the metaphysical view of life, to lead us back to our original perception of Consciousness, the vibrational energy that shapes everything and connects us to all.

Spirituality belongs to the Feminine while science belongs to the Masculine; to ascend to a higher reality these eternal principles must align with each other, for it is their interplay that allows us to rise above a polarized 3rd dimension that binds us to the division and suffering we witness in this overly masculine world.

Similarly, your soul integration has to take place for these two principles to bring balance to your life and then to our lovely Earth plane. The Divine experiences things and expands through your perception and the actions resulting from it, for you are a spark of Consciousness. It is your spiritual responsibility to break free from the mainstream prison-like mentality and reach a 5th-dimensional take on life.

This requires self-awareness, self-discipline, and a creative and spiritual focus that takes your attention inward, to both tap into your creative power and allow the spiritual forces within you to take charge. In other words, you must become a willing vehicle of Consciousness by connecting to your true nature and leaving a (collective and individual) wounded perception behind.

How do you know where you’re at in this process? Here are 3 key signs you’re developing a 5th-dimensional perception:

  1. You take spiritual responsibility for your reality and drop any sense of victimhood or powerlessness when negative thoughts or emotions come up. This means you understand any mental impulse is energy passing through you and you don’t have to identify with it. You remain centered and observe yourself and others without getting triggered, to allow a deeper insight to come to your awareness before making any decisions or taking action.
  2. You watch the world like a movie with infinite possible outcomes, without fixating on what the physical senses (or the media) want you to believe, knowing that everything is going to happen according to divine will. You understand there’s a plan and a purpose behind it all and you do your best to help promote love without getting attached to any results.
  3. You feel increasingly drawn to know God within and without. You experience a strong pull toward the inner world, which becomes your priority even as you take care of external responsibilities, and you surrender to ‘what is’ without fighting or pushing. You perceive the Oneness that connects you to everything and everyone and stop blindly following the dictates of your ego-mind.

Cultivating a higher perception is a process, so even if you recognize these points in you, there’s always more to discover and heal, as you transcend your own identification with a wounded and dysfunctional world. So contact me today to delve deeper into your true nature and let go of what prevents you from living a joyful and abundant life in alignment with the divine power within!

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