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Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Three

Experiencing a 5th-dimensional reality means healing and restoring the Feminine that connects you to your spiritual senses but has been deeply wounded and distorted on the Earth plane. It requires deep, progressive mental and emotional shifts. A change in perception can’t be a linear process; it follows the cyclical and spiraling nature of Consciousness. And this new paradigm can’t happen…

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Self-Ascension Into 5th Dimension – Part Two

To experience a 5th-dimensional reality, you must rise above the physical plane without resisting or disengaging from it; to accomplish this you have to become increasingly aware of the subtle energies affecting your perception. Since your perception becomes your reality, what you experience depends on where your awareness is—either the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual layers of the soul. In…

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Do You Have Any Regrets?

Do you ever look back at certain events or situations and think that you could have done a better job handling at least some of them? I know I do. But then I also remind myself of the context within which I responded the way I did. Nothing exists in isolation. The people, the situation, the timing involved, even our…