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Lord Ganesh - learn the path of no resistance with spiritual counseling & coaching

Lord Ganesha and the Feminine Path of No Resistance

Feminine energies are becoming stronger than ever, both in a regenerative sense (Mother Earth re-balancing and re-shaping things) and in the awareness and sense of community and connection that global changes bring about. In order to embrace the Feminine within and without, it is time to remove the sense of competition, lack, hierarchical power, struggle, and control that arise from…

bhakti yoga or yoga of devotion

Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Devotion

Devotion is love, and love is our true nature. The term bhakti comes from the root bhaj, which means attachment to God. Bhajan, bhakti, anurag, prem, priti, or worship, are all synonyms and refer to love and devotion to the Divine. According to the teachings of yoga, devotion to God is developed in nine different ways, and intense love is…

Om Aum - Traditional Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga: Eight Limb Yoga

Yoga means “union” in the sense of union with the Divine. In this sense, yoga is the path and goal of all human existence, that is, the realization of the Self as our true, inner nature. In the West, yoga has come to mean only hatha yoga or yoga postures (asanas). In fact, this is only one aspect of the…

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About the Nature of Pain

We all know what pain is, we all have experienced physical, mental, or emotional pain at some point or another throughout our life. Pain is suffering and as long as we are in the body, it is inevitable, it is part of life. Yet we seldom understand what the meaning of our pain is, what its purpose may be, or how it arises, and we try to avoid it at any cost, sometimes even at a high price with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions.