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develop emotional & spiritual freedom with spiritual counseling & coaching

Awaken Your Inner Samurai

A samurai came to see Zen master Hakuin and asked, “Is there any hell? Is there any heaven? If they exist, where are their gates?” Hearing this, Hakuin simply asked in return, “Who are you?” “I am a samurai,” replied the warrior proudly. “I am a leader of samurais and even the emperor pays respect to me.” The Zen master…

develop emotional freedom with spiritual counseling & coaching

How To Develop Emotional Flexibility

Since ancient times spiritual teachers have stated that the key to life is to live without fear. And that’s exactly what you did when you were born. Not because you didn’t have the responsibilities you have now (although of course, those make life more challenging), but because you were born fearless. You expected life to bring you what you needed…