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5 Fundamental Tools For Happiness

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What would make me happy?” you’ve likely found different answers to this question at different times. Most people think happiness relies on close relationships, financial security, and a sense of purpose. After all, you could say that life revolves around love and work, since these give our life meaning. But only if they help us…

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What Are YOU Grateful For?

Most people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family today, which is one of my favorite holidays. Not because I believe it was the first time native Americans shared a meal with lost Europeans (I don’t), nor because I think it’s okay to slaughter turkeys or any animal to celebrate anything (I really don’t). But mainly because being…

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Living In Gratitude: Changing Your Life Story

At the beginning of each year I encourage my readers to pick one word to focus their attention on and energize it with affirmations throughout the year, as opposed to making a typical list of New Year’s Resolutions (see The Power of Affirmation). Similarly, instead of simply giving thanks at the table on Thanksgiving, while enjoying a special meal with…