How To Work or Coach With Me

Whether you’re looking for clarity about what YOU want in life, better relationships, a more fulfilling career, or a sense of purpose and direction, you must invest in yourself and commit to a self-awareness process to remove what is blocking the true YOU.

Everything You Need To Be Happy Is Already Within YOU

You probably know this or have heard it before. And yet you still feel like you have no control over your life or why things “happen” to you and keep you where you are—unhappy, confused, or stuck. I know you want to grow emotionally and spiritually, but you have unconscious mechanisms that keep you at the same emotional level as when you were a kid. This is why you need guidance and support: you simply cannot see what you cannot see.

I offer an effective system of self-exploration and energy management to help you discover what holds you back and turn your life around with clarity and confidence by integrating your life puzzle to draw the insight, motivation and direction you are yearning for!

Different Ways To Work With Me

Below are a few ways we can work together, which can also be combined with Conscious Business Coaching, if needed. I have the ability to connect with you on a soul level, so each program is highly individualized according to your unique life path, soul purpose, and personal goals. Once you get on the right track of your life path and purpose, everything else starts re-aligning to get you to accomplish your deepest desires.

The Delving Deep Within Program includes:Delving Deeply Within spiritual mentoring program

  • 4 Weekly one-on-one Spiritual Counseling/Coaching sessions* to dig deeper within and release spiritual wounds remaining in spite of previous inner work
  • Extra energy channeled during each session to increase your intuition and enhance your healing process
  • Weekly homework/tools to move stagnant energy and create new mental and emotional patterns
  • 1 Distant Energy Healing session per month to remove energy blocks/stagnation and enhance clarity and peace
  • Recordings of each session emailed to you (if done through Skype)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Emergency calls as needed (for guidance and support)

This program is for you if you have previously done inner work and are ready to:

  • Learn my method to heal the past, master the ego-mind and awaken to your true Self
  • Learn to manage your energy to be centered and anchored in yourself when you deal with life’s challenges
  • Receive extra help to remove energy blocks or stagnant/clinging emotions
  • Gain clarity about your life path and purpose
  • Create new habits of perception to commit to a deeper process of transformation
  • Develop a more loving, balanced relationship with yourself and others
  • Leave toxic patterns (or relationships) behind
  • Understand and remove your own resistance on a regular basis to develop emotional and spiritual freedom
  • Feel empowered to experience life from a place of awareness and inner peace

* This program is highly discounted and paid ahead every 4 sessions. If you cancel any sessions, any refund will be provided after deducting services at the baseline fees (currently US$200/session and $300 for healing).

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The Transforming Your Emotional Fabric Program includes:Transforming Your Emotional Fabric spiritual mentoring program

  • 4 Weekly one-on-one Spiritual Counseling/Coaching sessions* to heal and discover your full potential
  • Homework/spiritual tools after each session to redirect your emotional energy and uncover old patterns
  • Recordings of each session emailed to you (if done through Skype)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Emergency calls as needed (for guidance and support)

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Learn my method to heal the past, master the ego-mind and awaken to your true Self
  • Transform your emotional terrain and release what keeps you stuck in the past
  • Learn to manage your energy to be centered and anchored in yourself when dealing with life’s challenges
  • Understand the internal toxic dynamics tainting your experience of reality
  • Shed old beliefs and shape new habits to support your goals and aspirations
  • Learn the language of your soul to feel connected and guided from within
  • Feel supported and confident to express who YOU are and what YOU want, to live life in your terms!

* This program is discounted and paid ahead every 4 sessions. If you cancel any sessions, any refund will be provided after deducting services at the baseline fees (currently US$200/session).

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The Empowering New Emotional Habits Program includes:Empowering New Emotional Habits spiritual mentoring program

  • 2 Bi-weekly one-on-one Spiritual Counseling/Coaching sessions (one every other week)* to embark on a deeper healing journey
  • Homework/tools after each session to redirect negative or stagnant emotional energy
  • Unlimited email support

This is for you if your budget is limited but you are ready to:

  • Learn my method to heal the past, master the ego-mind and awaken to your true Self
  • Understand how your perception creates your experience of reality and what to do to transform it from within
  • Master your emotional terrain to release what holds you back from achieving your goals
  • Discover the beliefs and internal dynamics sabotaging your life and your dreams
  • Establish a new relationship with yourself and release your need for external validation

* This program is paid ahead every 2 sessions. If you cancel a session, a refund will be provided after deducting services at the baseline fees (currently US$200/session).

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Testimonials from some of my clients:

intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“I have worked in the fields of psychology and social work for 26 years. I have also consulted many therapists during this period. Yol is different because she has a global comprehension of the human psyche that includes the soul. She also has that special ability to zero in quickly on the key issues that need to be addressed.

I feel a very strong support from Yol, which gives me the strength and tools to work on and transform the difficult aspects of my life. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Yol and highly recommend her.”

—William Allmand, Quebec, Canada


happy spiritual mentoring & life coaching client“Before I began working with Yol, I felt deeply confused, conflicted, and frustrated. My path of self-discovery was leading me in circles and I couldn’t understand why. I was drawn to order Yol’s book, The Indigo Journals, and after reading only a few pages, I wanted to learn more about her.

I was excited to learn that Yol is a Spiritual Mentor/Coach and immediately reached out. Within a few sessions, my perception completely shifted. Yol’s guidance and unwavering support helped me to redirect my focus inward and release my false persona, giving me a new outlook on life.

Along with her consistency, she is extremely wise, patient, loving, and funny. There is a purity and clarity in her communication that I have never experienced before. Yol has taught me to embrace life as it is, instead of trying to resist it. She has given me the tools to discover the truth, the ultimate truth, and to let go of everything I am not. Yol is a sacred gift and I highly recommend her services!”

—Caren Zoppi, West Caldwell, NJ


happy spiritual counseling & coaching clientYol is kind and is able to listen carefully and grasp the issues that are being discussed – she seems to intuitively know exactly what is happening with my struggles and therefore she is able to provide insights and more importantly tools, in order to understand myself better and to improve my quality of life. The insights she has shared with me have been completely spot on, and they have allowed me to see my life from a more observant (and therefore less judgemental and painful) point of view.

I feel I understand my emotions more easily and I also feel I am starting to connect with my true self, which feels wonderful. I am really looking forward to continuing to explore myself, to learn more about all aspects of my life, and to really find my true purpose. With Yol, I feel this is totally possible and I cannot thank her enough for the help she has already provided me.

Thank you Yol for our work together so far, I look forward to continuing my journey with you!

—Marcela Aguirre, Birmingham, United Kingdom


spiritual counselor - life coach

happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“In the midst of a spiritual rejuvenation after a long dark night of the soul I was a little perturbed by the somewhat frantic nature of online spiritual teaching these days until I chanced upon Yol. Her calm, loving approach to teaching was like a balm.

But don’t be fooled – she is expert at identifying our egoic tricks to foil our spiritual advancement and will not let anything pass that smacks of avoidance. Her authenticity shines like a diamond, but it is her wisdom that shows the way for those of us privileged to have her guidance.

If you want wise counsel to negotiate the thorny issues holding you back from a life of peace and abundance, I highly recommend Yol as your guide!”

—Phil Steele, Chilcotts Grass, Australia

Happy spiritual counseling client“When I first started working with Yol I was looking for help with finding my purpose in life, answers to my health issues, and which direction I should head towards in regards to school and my future career path. After working together, I now have a better understanding of how I let my unresolved emotional wounds hinder my progress, and how I can work through that. I have learned to be more open and flexible, and to trust the flow of life. In my personal life, my relationships have improved. I feel more confident in expressing myself to others, creating better communication, and finding the path of least resistance.

In turn, my health has immensely improved, my symptoms no longer prevent me from living my life, and I’ve been able to return to school to pursue my true passions. I particularly enjoy the clarity that Yol brings to situations I encounter on a daily basis. She helps me recognize the ways in which I self-sabotage and let unpleasant emotions hold me back.

Now my life is more relaxed, and I no longer hold others responsible for my disappointments, unmet needs, and unresolved emotions. I approach every situation with more gratitude, love, and compassion. I am more in tune with my body and feelings, and better able to reflect on my relationships and daily occurrences in a constructive way.

I think Yol is really good at finding the deeper meaning in the most basic life encounters. She is extremely skilled at recognizing toxic, repetitive patterns in life, and providing me with the tools and knowledge to overcome such obstacles. She is highly intuitive, great at listening and understanding me, and always approaches life from a higher perspective of love and compassion.”

—Amanda Probert, Oxnard CA


spiritual counselor - life coach

a happy spiritual counseling coaching client“Tired of a life I didn’t understand and I didn’t want to live anymore, plus being certain that my ‘difference’ and what I believed kept me isolated from others, I was lucky enough to be guided to Yol. I knew there and then that she would guide me back to myself.

There may be obstacles to face in life, but with the tools that Yol has taught me, I believe now that the peaceful smile I’ve gained with the inner work I’ve done with her can never be robbed or betrayed again. Yol represents more than a coach to me; she has become the only person I trust, and session after session she is able to simplify my life by clarifying the role I have in it and the reason why certain things come up.

I highly recommend Yol as a spiritual counselor and coach for those who want to unravel the mystery of themselves.”

—Ana Lopes, London, United Kingdom


spiritual counselor - life coach

another happys spiritual counseling client“Yol is an incredibly insightful, enlightening and nurturing spiritual counselor. Her nurturing qualities have helped me view my surroundings with more compassion and understanding, while also working to solve any bumps along the road.

Yol has helped me transition smoothly though a life-changing year. She has opened my eyes to observing my life-movie and playing an active role in changing negative patterns and beliefs.

Working with Yol has also helped me discover my talents and purpose and reconnect with a more playful, joyous and loving approach to life. The skills she has taught me are invaluable and will continue to serve me throughout my life. I am truly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her!”

—Jenae Armstrong, Baden, Austria


spiritual counselor - life coach

happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“After many years of personal development I knew I needed to shift how I was approaching things. No matter how many books I’ve read and how many courses I’ve done, I seemed to still gravitate toward the same behaviours that would ultimately not serve me.

After reading The Indigo Journals, I knew I would resonate with Yol. She seemed to be speaking to me through her book, and I knew she could help me on my new quest – to understand myself deeply and to truly transcend the childhood imprinting and emotional blocks that were persistently showing up in my life.

Yol has been perfect for me in this time. I have shifted through many personal blocks and look forward to unravelling even more layers which have been built up over a lifetime (or many lifetimes!). I know it takes work and commitment to let them go, one by one. With Yol’s expert guidance, I’ve made amazing headway.

Thank you Yol for your support, wisdom and incredible guidance. You are a guru! Helpful in all facets of life from personal relationships to business decisions. I feel grateful to have found you.”

—Melinda Cahill, Subiaco, Australia


intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I first started working with Yol, I felt as if pieces of my life were not lining up in the way that I thought they should be. I was lost and confused about my purpose. After working together, I feel more in control of my surroundings and emotions. I especially appreciate my renewed sense of purpose.

Now, I better understand the reasons for my actions and how to work toward creating the reality that I want and deserve.

I think Yol is particularly skilled at explaining human behavior in a very relevant spiritual context.”

—Vanessa Cooper, San Salvador, El Salvador



Spiritual counseling & business coaching client“Yol, I just want to say how I appreciate having you in my life! I have had a few people mentor me and I can honestly say that they are not a patch on you.

You are tackling areas where no one had gone before. You have made me see things differently and I use your tools daily. Now I am really excited about the future!”

—Helen Herfurth, Queensland, Australia


spiritual counselor - life coach

a happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Since I began working with Yol I have been able to gain more clarity about my vision and goals. I have been working on writing a book for many years and having trouble with the overall process. She was immediately able to help me hone in on what was missing and gave clear guidance to bring about progress.

Yol also helped me look at past experiences with a different perspective that made me realize blocks that were limiting my growth. Some of the issues I thought I had previously resolved, but Yol offered new insight that helped me recognize where I still needed healing.

Not only does she have a great understanding of challenging issues and limitations but she has so many different solutions available to help create lasting change. She gave me small, achievable steps to guide me to my goals and with each session built upon my progress while offering new insight. I would highly recommend Yol to anyone looking to bring about internal or external change in their life.”

—Rachel Nierstedt, Asheville NC


spiritual counselor - life coach

RSwearingen “Before I met Yol, I had never looked deep into myself. I had health issues, didn’t know how to say no to others, and wasn’t able to be happy. Now I feel more empowered and at peace with my emotions and my relationships, which I never felt before in my life.

I’m doing what I want to do and have developed the self-discipline to focus on my creative projects. I can set boundaries and simply let people know what I want without the concern of not pleasing them, which used to be a big issue for me.

My body has naturally changed and my health has also changed since I began investing in myself and experiencing more self-love through Yol’s guidance. My relationships are also different and much more fulfilling because I am clearer about who I am and what I want. I see my life moving in a positive direction and I feel great!”

—Rhonda Swearingen, Bartlett TN

a happy spiritual counseling & coaching client“Working with Yol has been an incredible self-discovery experience, in which I’ve been able to identify patterns that hold me back from achieving my goals. Moreover, she has taught me different methods to approach my day-to-day challenges and identify their roots in order to release what doesn’t serve me anymore.

Yol has had a tremendous impact on my personal growth and the changes that I see in my life, my relationships, and how I feel. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s been absolutely worth it!”

—Carolina B., Tel Aviv, Israel


spiritual counselor - life coach

testimonials for Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach“When I met Yol, I wanted help with navigating through my purpose in life and setting priorities. After working together, I’ve discovered a better understanding of who I am and defined what I want from life. I especially like my new sense of belonging without looking for acceptance from others.

My life has been transformed by attracting the things and people that I need to fulfill my purpose. My perception has also changed since it’s coming from a more centered place, giving me a brighter outlook on who I am and accepting my uniqueness.

Yol is really skilled at guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and bringing awareness to your wounds for self-healing. Thank you Yol!”

—Alyce M. Knaflich, Asheville NC


spiritual counselor - life coach

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