Do you know YOUR life purpose?

Are you yearning to understand and manifest your full potential?

Often, even when you’ve achieved professional and personal goals in life, those accomplishments don’t necessarily feel aligned with what you intuitively know to be truly important for you and the betterment of the world—on a soul level. So you find yourself longing for a deeper meaning and purpose in life.

A few people know their purpose early on and have the courage and support to go for it; others may accidentally stumble on their purpose and choose to risk everything for the experience of fulfillment; but most of us have to actively look for it. Yet you are better at your purpose than at anything else. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been training for it your whole life!

However, it’s not always easy to embrace your life purpose. It requires overcoming mental and emotional blind spots and resistance that prevent you from seeing WHO you really are, as opposed to who you think you should be, and WHAT you are here to do, and HOW.

Everyone has a purpose. If you haven’t found yours, it’s probably because:

  • You are confused about what you want.
  • You are multi-talented but you’ve been told to choose only one thing to focus on.
  • You are split between your intuition and your intellectual mind.
  • You haven’t recognized your soul signature—what makes you unique.

Feel empowered and fulfilled

There is no better way to achieve success than to do what you are best at and came here to accomplish. Yet you may be struggling with fear, skepticism, reluctance, and your inner censor. I have been where you are, confused about what to do, dissatisfied with what I was doing, and yearning for a sense of purpose that would give a deeper meaning to my life.

I also know from experience that there is nothing more empowering and fulfilling than finding your life purpose. It becomes the anchor and center that keeps you focused and grounded, and fuels all the other aspects of your life.

Remember what it feels like to fall in love? You get so much energy and enthusiasm for life that everything seems possible. Well, that is what focusing on your life purpose feels like: it is like being “in the zone,” completely in touch and in love with the true YOU, and enjoying life to the fullest—no matter what obstacles or challenges come your way.

When you are living your purpose, you know that your are in alignment with the Universe. You feel supported and joyful because the greatest contribution you can make to the world is sharing with others the energy of an authentic sense of self and a meaningful life.

Unfold your purpose as a career or business

Fulfilling your purpose is an inward journey that requires a strong desire and commitment, especially if you want to translate it into a business or career venture. The mind is a powerful trickster that can set you off track and create doubts, impatience, obstacles, and discouragement.

Your own resistance comes to the surface when you set goals and take action toward accomplishing them, and your emotional blind spots create situations to deter and distract you from your goal. The greater the goal, the bigger the resistance, so…

You need someone with the experience and intuition to

  • Help you put the pieces of your life puzzle together
  • Guide you in accordance with your unique life path and soul purpose
  • Show you how to integrate your talents with your life experience
  • Provide the tools you need to understand your unconscious tendencies and resistance
  • Bring clarity and insight to set you on the right track, in alignment with your soul

Everything revolves around your perception—of yourself and your self-worth. Isn’t it time to remove the false beliefs that hold you back from embracing your own brilliance and creative power?

A 7-week program specifically tailored
to YOUR individual needs and life path

Each week we will explore specific issues to uncover what you are here to do and what connects you to who YOU truly are. This will allow you to delve deeper into yourself and remove what has been preventing you from fully embracing what you intuitively know that will make you feel joyful and connected—what will make you fall in LOVE with life!

Week One

You will learn the 3 different levels of your purpose and how they relate to the various aspects of your soul, so you start working on them to attain long-term fulfillment and peace of mind.

Week Two

We will explore your talents, gifts, training, and life experience to understand the purpose behind each of them and the thread that links them to the layers of your soul.

Week Three

We will explore your life story to recognize the patterns that prevent you from aligning your inner vision with the life path you came to experience and the issues you came to work on.

Week Four

You will understand and recognize your emotional blind spots and stopping points that your unconscious resistance creates to keep you in the same place, where they come from, and how to move past them to accomplish any goal.

Week Five

You will learn spiritual tools to gain access to your “inner experts” for clarity, guidance, and support throughout your process and when making important choices.

Week Six

You will connect the dots between your life story, your talents and training, as well as your life experience, to allow your authentic self and Soul Signature to emerge organically .

Week Seven

We will put it all together and draft a plan to follow through with what you’ve learned so you can take immediate action to start living a soul-guided life with increasing clarity of purpose and direction!

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  • Various worksheets and questionnaires to guide you between individual sessions.
  • Meditation techniques to support your process that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  • Extra healing energy channeled for you during your program to enhance your clarity and intuition.

This Life Purpose Coaching Program will help you

  • Gain insight to remove what blocks your life purpose
  • Explore and express your dreams and passions
  • Unlock your unique talents and skills
  • Defeat self-doubt, resistance and fear
  • Create new beliefs to support and achieve your highest potential
  • Access your “inner experts” to quicken your learning
  • Develop new habits to cultivate your unique gifts and abilities
  • Find out how to put your newly found purpose into practical action!

I am here to guide and support you when you are ready and committed to the process of finding and fulfilling your purpose to experience more ease, more passion, more joy, and more success in your life!

You know in your heart that you have a meaningful contribution to make to the world. By discovering and bringing forth this hidden potential, you’ll be able to find spiritual fulfillment and a deeper sense of accomplishment!

Isn’t It Time For You To Discover What You Are Here To Do?

testimonial for Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach“When I met Yol, I wanted help with navigating through my purpose in life and setting priorities. After working together, I’ve discovered a better understanding of who I am and defined what I want from life. I especially like the new sense of belonging without looking for acceptance from others.

My life has transformed by attracting the things and people that I need to fulfill my purpose. My perception has also changed since it’s coming from a more centered place, giving me a brighter outlook on who I am and accepting my uniqueness.

I think Yol is really skilled at guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and bringing awareness to your wounds for self-healing. Thank you Yol!”

—Alyce M. Knaflich, Asheville NC

testimonial for Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach“I went searching for someone who could tell me what my life purpose was and what actions I needed to take to head down that path. But what I soon realized after my initial visit with Yol, and is reinforced every time we meet, is that what I need to know and learn is already inside me!

Yol has no doubt been a major catalyst in my personal transformation. What she has helped me see is that we all are on our own journey of self-discovery, which occurs through our connections with everybody and everything on this earth.

So how does all of this fit into my life now? I view life differently. Every day has become an opportunity to move one step closer to understanding who I am and bring my purpose into reality.”

—Victoria Winters, Greenville SC

testimonial for Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business Coach “When I first started working with Yol, I was looking for a better way to live my life. After years of struggling with frustration and uncertainty about my future, I realized I needed some clarity and guidance that would get me back on the right path. Simply put, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin.

After working with Yol, I now have a proper perspective and renewed focus on my goals… along with a better sense of my life purpose. She has helped me see myself as a divine being and given me tools to keep that awareness alive in my daily life as I move forward in the direction of my dreams.

Yol is very thoughtful and compassionate in her guidance. She takes the time to get to know you and your desires and will skillfully craft the right questions—that when you answer honestly—can best be described as a series of “Aha” moments.

I am grateful to Yol for her patience and understanding. I’m now living the way I imagined!”

—Susan Lawrence, Asheville NC

Are you ready to discover and embrace your life purpose?
Your investment for this program:

A Single Payment of $950

or 2 Payments of $510 Each (1st & 4th week)

Isn’t it time to let the true YOU emerge to accomplish what your soul is nudging you to? Integrate all the pieces of your life puzzle either as a career or business and feel empowered by the creative drive within that motivates you to keep growing and moving forward!

Online Intensive Coaching Program to Discover Your Life Purpose