Are you aware of the energy in your environment?

Have you ever felt uplifted or irritated when you enter a certain space without even interacting with anyone? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your mood or energy level change when you go to certain places? Well, the energy in those places is probably affecting you.

Some people are more sensitive to and aware of the environment than others, but we are all affected by it, one way or another, because we’re layers of energy ourselves. You may be doing the necessary inner work to transform your life, but the energy in your environment may not be supporting your efforts, or it may be making you work much harder.distant space cleansing to remove stagnant energy

  • Are you stressed out and constantly fighting with your loved ones?
  • Are you surrounded by resentful, envious or toxic people?
  • Do you feel like the energy in your environment is stagnant?
  • Have you or someone you live with been continuously sick lately?
  • Do you think you may be the victim of energetic or psychic attacks?

Then there may be some stagnant, unresolved, or negative energy in your living or working place affecting you directly. The first thing you have to make sure of is that your space is clean and clutter free! Then you have to move the energy and clear any negativity, which may be one of the factors preventing you from having more harmonious interactions with the people you work or live with. Plus, lower or negative energy may also deplete your health.

Everything is energy. Just because energy is not visible to the naked eye, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. You can perceive it through its manifestations, just like you can turn a knob and get music from a radio or flip a switch to turn the light on without seeing the radio or light waves.

In truth, energy always exists first, then it manifests on the material plane and carries the tendency to expand into more energy and then more matter. It is a never-ending process of universal expansion. And in that process, negative energy affects you both in how you feel and what you think, because you’re continuously interacting with the energy around you and exchanging energy with others.

Cleansing your living or working / business space

distant energy cleansing for your living or working spaceThe type of Distant Energy Cleansing I perform complements my Distant Energy Healing & Clearing and is directed at your living or working/business space to make your healing deeper and more effective.

This can be beneficial in general to enhance the energy in the space where you live or work, especially if there have been conflicts, fights, deaths, illnesses, depression, or any other type of negative situations or energy (including uninvited spirits, entities, or ghosts) in your living or working environment.

The energy of the people who live and work around you remains in your environment and affects your energy field. If their energy is that of love and support, you have nothing to worry about, but if it is negative energy due to anger, jealousy, anxiety, resentment or pain (as in the case of physical or mental illness), it clings to you and affects your perception.

Please NOTE:

I no longer offer Distant Space Cleansing on its own, only as part of my Distant Energy Healing / Clearing, to support the healing by clearing your surrounding space.

Are you ready to feel clearer, lighter and healthier?


1 Distant Energy Healing/Clearing (includes Surrounding Space Cleansing): $300


3 Distant Energy Healing/Clearings (includes Surrounding Space Cleansing): $700

Please note: If you choose the 3 Distant Healings discounted package, healing sessions must be scheduled at once. If you cancel any appointment(s), refunds will be given after deducting fees for any sessions provided at the regular price ($300 each).

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The benefits of clear, clean energy around you

  • Feel protected and safe where you live or work
  • Enjoy a peaceful and empowering atmosphere
  • Experience a loving and supportive environment
  • Feel lighter and energized
  • Prevent emotional and health issues

Prepare your living or working space for energy clearing

You can enhance and make the cleansing of your space more efficient by following these simple guidelines:

  • Make sure it is clean, orderly, and clutter-free inside and out
  • Throw/give away old food and stuff that is broken or that you don’t use
  • Open curtains and let the light in (in all rooms)
  • After each session, enter the space visualizing light and love (i.e., bring positive thoughts and energy)
  • If possible, bring a new plant and/or some fresh fruit or flowers into the space after the cleansing
  • If you like, burn some purifying incense, such as sage, sandalwood or frankincence.

happy family after distant space energy cleansing

Nurture a peaceful and loving environment as you heal

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Medical Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Energy healing is intended to work with your current medical regimen. Do not stop medical attention or medications. Consult your health care practitioner if you have any health concerns.

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