Discover the Power of Affirmation

Affirmations are mental commands that help you connect to the creative power of your soul. If done properly, along with a process of self-exploration to remove any resistance, they can help you manifest what you desire. During my intuitive spiritual counseling and life coaching, I can show you different techniques to align with life’s Consciousness flow and increase the vibration of any affirmation you choose.

Daily Positive Affirmations

Use these positive affirmations to bring health, well being, and abundance into your life. Enjoy!

Below you will find general positive affirmations that can benefit anyone. Pick one or more that ring true to you. Of course, you can modify them according to your specific needs and situation. Remember that words saturated with conviction, sincerity, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs that can shatter difficulties and create change. You can also follow me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for more affirmations and inspiring posts. And make sure you also check the Spiritual Videos page. Enjoy!

Healing Affirmations

I am perfect health. I am renewed and strengthened by life giving energy. I am quickly recovering from any energy blocks I may be experiencing. I am healthy, strong, and vibrant. I allow the energy (prana) to flow freely throughout my channels. My health and energy increase with every breath I take. I am perfectly healthy on a physical, mental and emotional levels. I am healthy and attract healthy people into my life.

Love Affirmations

I am love and attract true love into my life.

I deserve true, deep love.

I am Divine love.

I am the Self experiencing love in the world.

I bring love in the world and the world brings love to me.

I am a channel of love and compassion and radiate love everywhere I go.

Love is my birthright and I attract it in great abundance.

I am love and light and permeate everyone and everything around me with the light and love that I am.

Abundance Affirmations

I attract a great abundance of money and resources now!

I am wealthy in love and resources and attract everything I need.

Money is a spiritual energy I attract in abundance for a spiritual purpose.

I deserve great abundance and prosperity.

Abundance is my birthright and I attract everything I need and more.

I am financially free and attract great abundance and prosperity.

Spiritual Affirmations

I am that which I am.

I am the heart of the Universe.

I am infinite Divine power.

I am infinite Divine consciousness.

I am Liberation. I am absolute freedom.

I am the pure mind of Cosmic Consciousness.

I am the infinite creative potential of love and light.

I am the Self.

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