Isn’t it time you treated yourself like the VIP YOU truly are?

One Way Sign: Life Purpose CoachingSuccessful people have a vision for their life, their goals, and their accomplishments. They are willing to take full responsibility and dig deep into themselves to face their challenges and discover their inner power, to make decisions and resolve life’s issues while maintaining their vision and their purpose. In other words, they act from a strong sense of determination and do not allow self-defeating mental patterns to get in their way.

If you are walking into new territory in any aspect of your life without guidance, it is natural to feel scared and out of your depth, which will usually bring you to a halt. When you reach your stopping points (and yes, we all have them), you procrastinate, you lose track of priorities, and you allow self-doubts to creep in and discourage you.

I have walked in your shoes and my intuition and channeling gifts can play a critical role in guiding and keeping you accountable. I can help you maintain momentum in the face of the inevitable bouts of fear and uncertainty that arise when starting a new business, making a life transition, embarking on a new career, or embracing a new perception of life.

This program is for YOU if:

  • You are a soul-inspired seeker or entrepreneur
  • You are hungry to tap into your inner power and true sense of self
  • You’ve done pleanty inner work and want to get to a deeper level
  • You are committed, motivated, and ready to make the leap!

Investing in yourself with this VIP Coaching Day means that you are truly ready to understand your purpose and jump into your vision—for abundance, career, relationships, or business—with a full One-on-One Live Intensive with me.

  • Delve deep to uncover your life path and soul purpose as they relate to the challenges you face
  • Explore your passions and understand the big “Why” of your challenges
  • Build a solid foundation for relationships, career, or business with inner clarity and the mindset for success
  • Discover aspects of yourself that would help you shine!

If your relationships, career, or business are based on your alignment with your life path and purpose—that is, your individual soul purpose and who you truly are—you will express yourself with truth, honesty, and depth, and most importantly, you will create and attract what is in alignment with who you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Universe can only give you what you give yourself—what you are open to receiving. So start treating yourself like a VIP and the Universe will follow suit!

On any journey, you need a road map. Without it, you can easily get lost and waste precious moments and opportunities, wandering around trying to figure out how to get where you want to go. Together we can create that road map and put you back in touch with your inner compass, to make your journey easier and more enjoyable to navigate.

And that’s not all! You’ll get my full support for 3 months!

Each month you will have 1 laser session with me to hold you accountable about what we worked on during your VIP Coaching Day, and go over any lingering resistance or confusion. With a laser session per month you’ll keep inspired, motivated, and on track. You will also receive support through e-mail in between session.

What can you expect to get from a VIP Intensive Coaching Day?

  • Confidence in your goals and self-expression
  • A well defined path to continue growing
  • A plan that will move you toward the success you want
  • Feeling empowered about who you truly are
  • Clarity, inner strength and self-esteem
  • New tools to create the reality you desire
  • A positive response from others as the new YOU emerges

How does a VIP Intensive Coaching Day work?

Two Joyful Women Celebrating

We will spend the day together, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lunch and a few short breaks in between, to explore your life path and purpose, the obstacles or challenges you may be facing, and your goals in ONE particular area of your choice—relationships, career, finances, business, life purpose, etc.—so that you can gain a clear understanding of the mental patterns that trigger your stopping points and prevent you from achieving what you desire; AND we will replace them with a new perception of life and specific goals, in tune with your unique life path and personality. Aligning yourself with your soul is the best way to get support from the Universe to accomplish what truly resonates with you and brings you real fulfillment in any area of life.

Since each person has different needs, and I channel a lot of creative energy during this type of intensive work, it is hard to be more specific as to how the whole day will go, but it is definitely an intense mental and emotional private ‘workshop’ where you will feel supported and empowered with much love, clarity, and breakthroughs.

Please contact me right now if you are ready to invest in yourself with my VIP Coaching Day, or click on the button below to schedule a Discovery Session. I want to make sure I understand what you’re looking for and that we are a good fit for each other before we work together.

Book a Discovery Session with Yol Swan, spiritual counselor & coach

Start giving yourself what YOU really deserve!

VIP Intensive Coaching Day – Asheville NC & Online


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