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master your ego with spiritual counseling coaching

Master The Ego-Mind To Be Happy

Ego gives you the sense of individuality in the physical world; it allows you to perceive things as separate from you, shaping your perception as you accumulate experiences, and makes you think things like, “This is me, this is mine,” and “I am this way or that way,” allowing you to express the individuality of your soul. But this I-sense…

develop emotional freedom with spiritual counseling / coaching

3 Habits To Develop Emotional Freedom

Do you find yourself wishing your relationships were easier or that you’d get less triggered by close interactions? Well, first let me tell you, you’re not alone! Most of us (especially feminine souls) have this idea that we could all get along if we just listened to each other. I’m not saying it’s not possible, because I know it is,…

resolve emotional triggers with spiritual counseling coaching

Do You Know Your Emotional Triggers?

Are there any words or people or situations that trigger an immediate reaction of resistance in you? We all experience emotional ‘triggers’ at one point or another. The more you avoid looking into them to understand where they come from, the stronger they get. Why? Because your ego-mind reinforces any point of resistance to keep you where you are, preventing…