Have you felt like the “Ugly Duckling” throughout your life?

  • Are you extremely sensitive and get easily hurt by what doesn’t seem to affect others around you?Indigo girl feeling like the "ugly duckling"
  • Do you feel out of place and yet somehow responsible for others?
  • Do you feel unappreciated, invisible or left out?
  • Do you have a strong sense of purpose, even if you haven’t found it yet?
  • Do you suffer for the animals, the “underdog” and the planet?
  • Are you feeling the urge  to understand WHO you are and WHY you are here?

Then there is a good chance that YOU are an Adult Indigo!

I am an Indigo soul myself, but I was not always aware of this. It actually took me quite a while to realize it, because even when I was introduced to a book about Indigos, its premise was that these were a special generation of children from the ’70s with certain characteristics and psychic abilities. There was no mention of Indigo adults already being here. I dismissed the book because I thought that those Indigo children weren’t “special,” they were just like me!!!

How do you know if you are an Indigo adult?

We Indigos have been part of this planetary experiment for thousands of years, along with other types of feminine and masculine souls. Being Indigo is not just a personality trait or a color in your aura; it’s operating with a different “internal software” that won’t just go away so you can fit in! If you are Indigo, amongst other things:

  • You are very sensitive to people and the environment.
  • You cherish freedom and hate being controlled.
  • You feel trapped in the world, like “a stranger in a strange land” and you want to go “home.”indigo adult woman alone and isolated
  • You yearn to “belong” in a family, group, or community but feel out of place.
  • You are creative and a non-linear thinker.
  • You are highly empathic and intuitive (although you may have dismissed your inner voice to feel less “weird”).
  • You make people uncomfortable because they sense that you can see through them.
  • You are a free spirit and perceive everyone as equal, yet you are more of a leader than a follower.
  • You’ve always felt different and secretly “special” (like spiritual royalty).
  • You are a stickler for the truth and have the tendency to “tell it like it is.”
  • You experience social anxiety or a general sense of disconnection with others.
  • If you don’t have a clear purpose or goal, you get depressed and may even want to die.

I felt out of place most of my life. I couldn’t understand the mental games that people played with each other and the way they related to animals and the environment. The power-based dynamics that seemed so natural to most people hurt me deeply, and even though I had friends and close relationships, I never felt really connected. It was as if I could see and hear them clearly, but I felt invisible to them.

sad Indigo adult womanNow I understand that it was not merely a communication problem, but also a perception issue. Feeling “different” gave me the sense that there was something wrong with me and I was flawed because I didn’t have as thick a skin as those around me.

I experienced past life regressions through different methods, which allowed me to tune in deeper within and access some information regarding who I was and where I came from. I had received messages from higher dimensions about myself and the planet. And I had gone through seven years of counseling. Yet none of it made sense until I was guided to heal my deeper spiritual Indigo wounds.

Then I discovered that we Indigos are feminine souls with certain masculine qualities and the mission to overturn this excessively masculine world. But you can’t do this if you’re hurting, because your wounded self-perception blocks your inner feminine power!

So what’s the big deal about being an Indigo Soul?

Indigos have been planting the seeds for the New Age. Now is the time to make actual, tangible changes as the highly intuitive creative visionaries you really are. You are here to harness your masculine qualities and fully embody the power of the Divine Feminine to restore balance on the planet. That’s why…

  • You feel very vulnerable and yet have the strength to keep going in spite of traumatic experiences.
  • You feel responsible for the animals, the planet and those who can’t defend themselves.
  • You are very empathic and compassionate and experience the suffering of the world.
  • You have a strong sense of service and tend to be taken advantage of (yes, you are naive).
  • You envision new ways of relating, parenting, teaching, healing, doing business and leading others.
  • And you are finally awakening to your true nature and purpose because YOU are needed now!

As an Indigo, you are here to share your gifts and help heal the world through your own transformation. You cannot do this until you stop hiding and embrace who YOU really are. It is time to awake and leave all the emotional and spiritual baggage behind, to finally experience the fullness of your essential nature!

Aren’t you done carrying this sense of disconnection and angst that don’t seem to ever go away even if your life isn’t too bad?

  • If you feel different, alone and socially awkward, no matter what your circumstances;self-conscious Indigo adult
  • If your relationships leave you feeling energetically drained or jaded;
  • If you live in an emotional loop of pain and disappointment that makes you feel trapped;
  • If you’d rather hide somewhere and not “participate” in a world that makes no sense to you;
  • If you feel judged or “weird” or confused about who you are (vs. who you should be);
  • If you’ve been holding a lot of anger, resentment and hopelessness;
  • If you feel disconnected from yourself and others, and sometimes even want to check out…

red-arrowYou need tools to understand how to tune in and out of your environment to stop unconsciously absorbing the emotional charges around you, feeling drained and out of place!

You need spiritual healing, not just psychological healing, because you are very empathic and the depth of your experience requires a deeper, more spiritual approach.

You carry old wounds and fears about being seen and expressing who you are from past lives, so conventional methods of self-discovery such as psychotherapy may not go deeply enough to release what you’ve had to suppress to create the illusion of “belonging.” I know, I’ve been there!

Indigo Soul Healing Program for Indigo Adults

Nobody can understand an Indigo better than another Indigo, especially one who had to go through intense self-exploration, both psychological and spiritual to delve deep into the nature of feminine souls. This Indigo Soul Healing Program for Indigo Adults can help you reconnect with your true nature and start coming out of your shell as you set clear energy boundaries so you can feel safe and confident to be seen and heard, to make the positive impact you are meant to have in the world.

This powerful program includes:

  • 1 Indigo Energy Healing Session to start re-aligning your energy and internal “software”
  • 3 weekly One-on-One 60-minute Indigo Counseling Sessions to understand what it means to be Indigo and help you embrace your divine difference.
  • Spiritual tools to manage your energy, set clear boundaries, and feel more grounded and centered in who you are.
  • 2 Video Questionnaires to prepare you for maximum healing and measure your transformation.

Plus You Get These Bonuses!

  • Receive extra healing energy channeled for you during your Program ($350 value)
  • Access to My Audio Lecture, Are You an Indigo Soul? to help you better understand what we Indigos are all about ($49 value)
  • Your Personal Amethyst nugget charged with the energy of your Indigo Energy Healing session (priceless!)

During your Indigo Energy Healing Session, which is a unique healing session to start re-aligning your energy, you’ll also receive extra healing energy that I channel for you. Most clients can feel it and experience a difference right away.

You’ll get personalized guidance and support to make the best of of your program along with spiritual tools that will serve you for life!

Feeling at peace with yourself is truly PRICELESS!
Your investment for this Program:


One Payment of $597 (with an online check)
or 2 Payments of $321 Each

(Contact me now to send you an invoice or with your payment info if you want to use a credit card)

What others are saying…

Intuitive spiritual counseling client“All my life, I’ve always felt a little out of step, just a little off. Knowing there’s something more out there, wanting that something. I heard Yol talk about Indigo adults and saw her Indigo Healing Program and thought this is something I need to do.

This program definitely gave me more insight into myself and my perception of the world and my place in it. Since this program, I’ve felt myself gaining more self-confidence. I’ve stopped shying away from confrontations and have been able to express my feelings to others in a more clear, direct way without feeling bad about myself.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to understand and discover their place in the world and learn to more deeply value who they are.”

—Vicki Simpson, Apex NC

VTaffet“After the Indigo healing it soon became very apparent that something had changed or had been released in me. Many everyday experiences turned into self-evaluation emotional events and then emotional releases.

I also started remembering psychic occurrences I had when I was younger, and remembered being afraid at the time and pushing them out of my memory.”

—Victoria Winters, Greenville SC

VCooper“When I first started working with Yol, I felt as if pieces of my life were not lining up in the way that I thought they should be. I was lost and confused about my purpose.

After working together, I feel more in control of my surroundings and emotions. I especially appreciate my renewed sense of purpose.”

—Vanessa Cooper, San Salvador, El Salvador

Adult Indigo healing testimonial“I have tried many forms of counseling (traditional, group, Biblical and Christian based) with little to no success. I’ve met with Yol for Indigo Soul Counseling and Indigo Healing. And, I feel great.

After 46 years of trying everything else, I’ve finally found what works. I wish that I had met her sooner!

Also, thank you for offering the lecture. It answered so many questions for me and provided me with the basic information to understand why my soul is different. I’ve never felt so free!”

—Sonya Rowland, Leicester NC

a happy spiritual counseling coaching client“Tired of a life I didn’t understand and I didn’t want to live anymore, plus being certain that my ‘differences’ and what I believed kept me isolated from others, one day I typed “indigo therapist” on google and was lucky enough to be guided to Yol. I knew there and then that she would guide me back to myself.

On our first session she kindly alerted me that when we commit to something as big as self-love and self-exploration, the universe will quickly correct the choices we previously made from wounded places. And so it was, after a painful relationship breakup and a betrayal that left me hopeless and hurt, but thanks to Yol’s ability to see behind the obvious, I slowly noticed that I was becoming someone else: someone more like my true self!

There may be obstacles to face in life, but with the tools that Yol has taught me, I believe now that the inner peaceful smile I’ve gained with the inner work I’ve done can never be robbed or betrayed again.

Yol represents more than a coach to me; she has become the only person I trust, and session after session she is able to simplify my life by clarifying the role I have in it and the reason why certain things come up.

I highly recommend Yol as a spiritual counselor and coach for those who want to unravel the mystery of themselves.”

—Ana Lopes, London, United Kingdom

intuitive spiritual counseling, life & business coaching client“When I met Yol, I wanted help with navigating through my purpose in life and setting priorities. After working together, I’ve discovered a better understanding of who I am and defined what I want from life. I especially like my new sense of belonging without looking for acceptance from others.

My life has been transformed by attracting the things and people that I need to fulfill my purpose. My perception has also changed since it’s coming from a more centered place, giving me a brighter outlook on who I am and accepting my uniqueness.”

—Alyce M. Knaflich, Asheville NC

“I have met with Yol Swan for Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Indigo Soul Counseling and Indigo Healing.

What a relief to understand a lifetime or more of struggle, simply and clearly explained, placed in perspective, relevant to my experience. And what a relief to have a clear path forward!”

—Janice Ray Evans, Weaverville NC

This is for you if you are ready to…

  • happy and free Indigo adult

    Stop feeling self-conscious and like someone is always watching or judging you

  • Get a stronger sense of who YOU truly are and what your purpose is
  • Gain clarity about what makes you different and WHY this is a good thing
  • Stop feeling alone and invisible or isolating yourself
  • Learn to set clear boundaries and feel safe to be seen and heard
  • Connect with others in an authentic and loving way
  • Resolve the internal angst and sense that there is something “wrong” with you
  • Stop feeling responsible for others and focus on what YOU want
  • Develop your creativity and spiritual senses

Imagine your life without the sense of isolation you’ve experienced all this time!

happy Indigo adults

What are you waiting for? Get started with Your Individualized Indigo Soul Healing Program NOW!


One Payment of $597 (with an online check)
or 2 Payments of $321 Each

(Contact me now to receive an invoice or with your payment info if you want to use a credit card)

Make the decision to heal as an Indigo adult and start living an empowered life!

Indigo Soul Healing Program for Adult Indigos – Asheville NC & Online




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