Does your energy feel low, stagnant or scattered?

  • low energy couple in need of distant energy healingAre you in a fog and low on energy, like you’re carrying a heavy load but don’t know where it comes from or why you feel this way?
  • Do you interact with people all day long and feel exhausted at the end of the day but don’t recover your energy after sleep?
  • Do you engage with difficult people and feel like you’ve been using up all your energy to deal with them?
  • Are you going through tough times or take care of others who are?
  • Are you highly empathic and tend to absorb other people’s energy?
  • Do you feel that someone is attacking or trying to control you energetically?
  • Are you experiencing health issues and need to boost your energy and natural self-healing abilities?

Then you can benefit from my Distant Energy Healing & Clearing

distant energy healingThis Distant Energy Healing & Clearing is a personal method I was guided to ‘put together’ by both physical and non-physical teachers and healers, along with the ancient teachings of my Indian gurus, when my mother was dying. I was able to help her remove a lifetime of unresolved emotions and regrets, while protecting her from the negative energy around her, so she could die in peace.

It has elements of the Shamanic cleansing from traditional Mexican curanderos (healers) as well as other energy healing methods that I enhance with powerful Sanskrit mantras (from a spiritual lineage of thousands of years) I was personally initiated with by enlightened master Shri Anandi Ma.

First, I protect you with ancient mantras and prayers before safely removing energy blocks and clearing your energy field of negativity (and/or lower entities, if I find any). This opens you up to more light and love. Then I channel healing, loving, high-vibration energy toward you, as an empty vessel of masters in other dimensions. Finally, I wrap the work by cleansing your environment and creating a healing energy bubble to transmute lower vibrations into light, love, and vitality.

Energy goes where it needs to go and continues its course after each session. You may feel things or experience immediate results, depending on how sensitive you are, or simply watch your energy and awareness change over time.

Energy healing, energy clearing or energy cleansing?

All of the above! This is an involved and intense process that requires a ‘container’ to absorb negative or stagnant energy, so I do not usually perform it in person but at a distance with a recent photograph that helps me connect to your soul through your eyes. I’ve found this to be much more effective than just sending you energy, like reiki or other systems, by first removing what may be blocking your own flow (stagnant energies or clinging entities) as well as your ability to receive healing. I become an empty channel, allowing healers in higher dimensions to use me as vehicle, completely focused on transmuting what needs to be removed to allow a greater flow of love, thus a longer lasting healing effect.

Even if you are not physically present during your sessions, you will experience changes in both obvious and subtle ways. And of course, the more regularly you book sessions, the clearer and lighter your mental, emotional, and physical energy becomes!

  • Experience mental clarity and peace
  • Release energetic blocks
  • Balance emotional and physical issues
  • Harmonize your energy and prevent health imbalances
  • Be protected from negative entities and psychic attacks

Are you ready to feel clearer, lighter and healthier?

Current Distant Energy Healing Packages:

One Distant Energy Healing/Clearing + One Distant Space Cleansing*: $275

Two Distant Energy Healing/Clearings + One Distant Space Cleansing*: $375

Three Distant Energy Healing/Clearings + One Distant Space Cleansing*: $475

* In my experience, you get greater results when your living and working spaces are cleared at the time of your healing. This is why I include a cleansing in all Distant Energy Healing packages. I no longer offer it separately, but you can click here to learn more about Distant Space Cleansing.

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TSampson“I have joined with Yol in distant healing sessions. After each I have felt as if I were wrapped in a blanket of peace and contentment.

Everything around me seemed clearer, more vivid, more alive.

Since seeing Yol I feel like I am finding my true self again. She is a beautiful spirit with an amazing gift!”

—Trini Sampson, Johnson City TN

“I had some distant energy healing done by Yol, and clearly felt that something shifted in me. I couldn’t explain exactly how, but it definitely made a difference in my perception of things and my energy levels. I was very happy with it.”

—Jim Clark, Amarillo TX

Prepare for your Distant Energy Healing/Clearing session

Whether you prepare or not, clearing the energy will always help you, but you will benefit much more from energy healing if you follow these guidelines on the days I perform them for you:woman meditating during distant energy healing

  • Eat light and avoid any type of meat, alcohol, drugs or animal products all day.
  • Avoid stressful situations, if at all possible.
  • Spend time in solitude (or in nature) if you can.
  • Keep well hydrated and rest as much as possible.
  • Meditate during each session (sometimes you may receive visions or clarity about certain issues), or at least sit quietly.
  • Avoid talking about this with those who may not understand how energy works
  • Be open and receptive, and trust the process no matter how it may manifest

Trust your Consciousness and the process

As I have also seen with homeopathy and other types of energy medicine, sometimes it doesn’t seem obvious that the energy was cleared and yet the person who receives the service starts transforming his or her life. What you experience at the time of your sessions will largely depend on how sensitive you are to energy and how much there is to remove or unblock.

My Distant Energy Healing & Clearing is subtle and is directed at your energy body, which affects both your mind and physical body. Sometimes miracles come in small doses… Just be open and trust the process!

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Medical Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. Energy healing is intended to work with your current medical regimen. Do not stop medical attention or medications. Consult your health care practitioner if you are concerned about any health issues or problems with using energy healing along with your current medical treatment.

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